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Sloped Roofs

AM Roofing has installed thousands of sloped roofs in the last 50 years. We know that there are correct ways to do the job that will greatly extend the life of your roof. Using shortcut methods that may save you some money now will end up costing you considerably more later. A poor installation will shorten the life span of the roof, may invalidate manufacturer warranties and expose your home/building to water damage.

Your roof is a system that includes the surface treatment, ventilation, insulation and eavestroughs. If one of these items fails it adversely affects the others. AM Roofing offers each of these services and can offer solutions and products that work with each other.

Do you need a roof? Here are the tell-tale signs.

  • Leaks in the interior of your house
  • Curled or broken shingles
  • Loose shingles or lost – lying around your home after a storm
  • Fascia pealing away from rafters
  • Ice damns and icicles
  • Mold on sheeting and rafters – visible from the attic area
  • Rotten wood – sheeting and rafters

The Process

  1. Our salesperson will meet you at your home and do an exterior inspection to determine what needs to be done and what problems there may be with your existing roof.
  2. They inspect the inside of your roof through an attic access to determine if there are problems associated with any of the following:
    1. Leaking
    2. Rotten or water damaged sheeting and rafters
    3. Structural problems
    4. Proper ventilation
    5. Proper insulation
  3. During this inspection they will take photos so you can see and understand the nature of the problem.
  4. Provide an estimate price for replacing your roof. The quote indicates what repairs may be required and approximates the time and materials cost. At this time you will choose the material (fiberglass shingle, metal, shake, etc.), colour and style.
  5. When you decide to go ahead a date will be set for the installation.
  6. On the date of installation you will meet with the installer and his team and receive an explanation of what is being done and how.
  7. Protective barriers will be placed to protect landscaping, extensions, decks etc. Exterior furniture, planters and similar items will be moved to a safe location.
  8. The existing roofing will be removed back to the sheeting and placed directly in disposal bins.
  9. An inspection will be made of the entire roof to check for rotten wood, structure issues, etc. If these are found and not previously documented, photos will be taken and you will be contacted immediately with an explanation of the problem and the costs for repairs.
  10. Install water-shield in valleys.
  11. A proper breathable synthetic underlay will be installed and heavy gauge metal in the valleys. Metal drip edge will be installed.
  12. Shingles will be installed by a team of experienced installers.
  13. The entire work and surrounding area will be cleaned and all debris removed.
  14. Items that have been moved will be returned to where they were.

Amazingly, this whole process is usually completed within a single day. This speed has the some real benefits:

  • You are inconvenienced as little as possible.
  • It eliminates the need for tarping-off the roof in case of rain.
  • It is the most cost-effective way to do the job and affects the price you pay.

After your job has been completed a complete record is retained so we know when your roof was installed, the type of material used, required repairs, temperature and installation conditions. This information is essential for us to offer our workmanship and materials warranties.

The Warranty

When your roof is installed this way, with attention to detail and doing the job right, AM roofing can offer you our best workmanship warranty (up to 25 years) and you can obtain the best manufacturer warranty (up to 50 years).

The Materials

Fiberglass shingles are the most common sloped roof product that we install. We use Owens Corning fiberglass shingles because their long life, colour and style options. A good quality roof will:

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Enhance the appearance
  • Protect your home from water and weather damage

The Do’s of Roofing Installation

We think the more you know, the more you will appreciate our service and be able to distinguish a valid quotation when you are replacing your roof.

  • Remove the old shingles
  • Inspect and replace bad sheeting, joists and fascia.
  • Assure there is adequate ventilation.
  • Install watershield in valleys
  • Install synthetic underlay
  • Install new metal in the valleys
  • Install new drip edge
  • Install a long-life shingle properly

If your quote is not meeting these standards, look elsewhere.

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