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Over time, nature’s elements take a toll on everything exposed to the wind, the rain, the snow and heat. Cars rust, paint fades and sidewalks crack. Our single biggest protection for our home, our roof, is exposed to everything Mother Nature can throw at it and it weathers the storm.

Regularly inspecting your roof is as important as keeping with your car repairs and a roof repair, big or small can save homeowner money. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when we are talking about the difference between an entire roof replacement and a roof repair.

Detecting the signs a roof repair is in order:

  • Curling or clawing shingles – a sign of an aging roofing system that is receiving too much heat from the lower floors
  • Missing granules and bare spots – poor drainage design washes away granules creating a waterfall effect. Physical damage from the elements can cause bare spots and the shingle will harden over time. Missing granules and bare spots will cause the shingles to degrade faster making a roof repair a necessity
  • Broken and missing shingles – reduce a roof’s ability to drain water from its’ surface and the broken or missing shingles can be an entry-point for water that isn’t draining fast enough from the roof
  • Buckling shingles are another indication that a roof repair is required – when the shingles are buckling they are susceptible to the wind and curl up or be taken right off the structure. Also, ice can accumulate under the surface of the buckling shingles creating further damage that a roof repair can prevent.
  • Damaged flashings aren’t always visible but they poses problems – signs that flashing maybe in need of repair are dried out caulking. Loose hardware on the flashing through contraction and expansion will lift providing an access point for water to enter your home through joints around your roof.

Problems identified

At this stage, a roof repair is in order. AM Roofing Solutions has over 50 years experience dealing with roof repairs and is one of the longest-standing roofing companies in Central and Southwestern Ontario.

We have the technical expertise to determine what the problems are and how to create a roof repair that will dovetail your current roof seamlessly. For a no-obligation, free estimate and inspection AM Roofing Solutions is your roof repair specialists.

Many times a roof repair is required due to internal problems in the attic and AM Roofing Solutions is up to the job. Heat loss through the roof can be the primary cause for a roof repair due lack of insulation internally and ventilation for excess heat to escape. The heat causes the shingles to degrade at a faster rate and if caught early enough, properly installed insulation and ventilation can make a world of difference to a roof repair.

Contact us at 1.877.281.6900 to have a qualified roofing technician assess your roofing needs and recommend roof repair that fits your budget.

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