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Industrial Roofing

Innovation has led to some remarkable achievements, advances in all sectors of the economy have benefitted from technological improvements to how we do what we do.
Never has that been more prevalent than the industrial sector and warehousing. Automation has allowed factories to produce more goods faster and in the logistics business, move goods on time in a seamless schedule from producer to customer.
The industrial roofing specialists at AM Roofing Solutions have the experience and know how to create an industrial roofing solution that will protect inventory, machinery, create a safe work environment for employees and allow you to get your goods to market. For more information about Industrial Roofing visit our flat roofing website.


AM Roofing Solutions can lay up 100,000 square feet of industrial roofing products that can make a difference. Our professional roofing experts can identify problems and recommend solutions that may require a repair or a complete replacement.

Signs that your roof may need an industrial roofing solution

  • Surface deterioration, when the tar looks like it is starting boil and bubbles appear
  • Standing water in sections of the roof that won’t drain
  • The gravel sealer over the tar is less dense and exposes the materials underneath to the elements
  • When walking on the roof surface the surface feels like you are walking on foam
  • Curling or peeling of industrial roofing solutions that were created in a layered industrial roofing solution that has become obsolete over time

New eco-friendly products

At AM Roofing Solutions we use state-of-the-art industrial roofing solutions that recently been developed. Felt paper and tar or some type of bitumen have been replaced by environmentally friendly rubber.

The skin, also known as a membrane, covers your roof like rubber gloves cover a surgeon’s hands. The most widely used membrane is EPDM, a rubber industrial roofing system that is coated in gravel ballast to help with water drainage. TPO is used for small industrial roofing solutions due to the cost.

For larger industrial roofing solutions, AM Roofing Solutions uses TPO. TPO is relatively new to the industrial roofing solutions market, but it has a distinct advantage that can impact a company’s bottom line.

A TPO industrial roofing solution is white and it reflects the heat and in turn can reduce the costs associated with cooling the building. With the new industrial roofing solution comes with a special expertise to install the industrial roofing solution, one that AM Roofing is well versed in having installed 100’s of TPO’s in the past. AM Roofing Solutions also carries special insurance to install the industrial roofing solutions because it requires a heat seal to bond the rubber to the roof.

AM Roofing Solutions uses Firestone RubberGard membrane systems that first made their entrance into the industrial roofing market back in 1980, and have established a reputation as the best material industrial roofing solutions available.

Our dedicated, professional roofing technicians would be happy to show you the different types of industrial roofing solutions on market. When you call us at 1.877.281.6900, we will arrange for free inspection of your interior and exterior roof; and provide a free estimate for your industrial roofing solution.

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