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Flat Roofs

AM Roofing Solutions installs flat roofs on both residential and commercial buildings using the most modern methods designed to offer the best long-term protection and return on your investment. Our maximum installation size is 100,000 square feet after which we will refer you to a firm specializing in large installations.

Your roof is a system that includes the surface treatment, ventilation, insulation and eavestrough. If one of these items fails it adversely affects the others.When one of these items fails it adversely affects the others. AM Roofing Solutions offers each of these services and can offer solutions and products that work with each other.

Do You Need a New Roof? Here are the tell-tale signs.

  • Leaks – water entering the interior
  • Spongy feel when you walk on the roof
  • Cracks or peeling away of layers
  • Bubbling of surface
  • Moss growing on roof

The Process

  1. Our salesperson will meet you and do an exterior inspection to determine what needs to be done and what problems there may be with your existing roof.
  2. They inspect the inside of your roof to determine if there are problems associated with any of the following:
    1. Leaking
    2. Rotten or water damaged sheeting and rafters
    3. Structural problems
    4. Proper ventilation
    5. Proper insulation
  3. During this inspection they will take photos so you can see and understand the nature of the problem.
  4. Provide an estimate price for replacing your roof. The quote indicates what repairs may be required and approximates the time and materials cost. When you decide to go ahead a date will be set for the installation.
  5. On the date of installation you will meet with the installer and his team and receive an explanation of what is being done and how.
  6. Protective barriers will be placed to protect landscaping, extensions, decks etc. Exterior furniture, planters and similar items will be moved to a safe location.
  7. The existing roofing will be removed back to the sheeting and placed directly in disposal bins.
  8. An inspection will be made of the entire roof to check for rotten wood, structure issues, etc. If these are found and not previously documented, photos will be taken and you will be contacted immediately with an explanation of the problem and the costs for repairs.
  9. Vapour barrier will be installed followed by insulation. (Insulation reduces heat loss and provides a base to which the membrane can be adhered.
  10. The membrane material will be installed.
  11. New metal trim will be installed.
  12. Ballast material (gravel) will be added as required.
  13. The entire work and surrounding area will be cleaned and all debris removed.
  14. Items that have been moved will be returned to where they were.

The Warranty

When your flat roof is installed properly, with attention to detail and doing the job right, AM Roofing Solutions can offer you our best, 10-Year Workmanship warranty.

The Materials

In past, flat roofs were commonly a combination of felt paper and tar applied in layers and finished with a layer of gravel to assist drainage and protect the roof. The typical lifespan of these roofs is 10 years.

This method has largely been replaced with membrane materials that offer the following advantages:

  • Faster cleaner installation
  • Longer life span
  • Greater durability
  • Fewer post installation problems

The most common membrane materials are:

EPDM – a rubber roof system that uses a black membrane and gravel ballast. It is extremely durable with a life expectancy of 15-20 years.

TPO – a new material frequently used on large structures because it is less expensive than EPDM. Because it is white, it reflects light and heat and can reduce building cooling costs. This material requires specialized installation methods because it uses heat to seal the material to the underlying insulation. AM Roofing staff are properly trained to use this material and carries the specialized insurance it requires.

Tufdek™ Flat Roofs

Tufdek™ is the industry’s leading supplier of “roofing approved” exterior waterproof flooring used on outdoor living areas such as Balconies, Deck’s, Roof-Top Patios or above grade concrete slabs. 


Firestone TPO/EPDM Rubber Membrane

AM Roofing Solutions is a Firestone Certified Installer of TPO & EPDM, the most popular material for new and re-roof low slope roofing applications. The first Firestone RubberGard EPDM systems were installed in 1980 and since then have consistently delivered upon the critical needs all building owners demand: outstanding durability and low life-cycle cost, along with design versatility and ease of installation.

Firestone UltraPly TPO is a flexible, hot-air welded thermoplastic polyolefin roofing membrane available in both 8′ and 10′ widths. Suitable for a variety of low slope applications, UltraPly TPO features a white, tan or grey reflective surface that can help reduce a building’s cooling requirements.

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