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Velux Skylights

If you are looking for an effective way to add more natural light to your home, consider installing Velux Skylights. There are many different types of Velux Skylights, all with their own unique purpose. Below we will discuss the different types of Velux Skylights, and why they are beneficial to you and your home.

Types of Velux Skylights

Solar Powered

  • With solar powered Velux Skylights, there is no need for wiring. A small solar panel is attached at the bottom of the system, which collects available sunlight and uses it to charge a fully concealed, battery powered operator. This is what powers the mechanism used to open and close the skylight. Negating the need for an electrician during installation, makes it easier to install as well.

Electric Venting Skylight

  • This type of Velux Skylight allows for an abundance of natural light and enables you to open and close the skylight at will, letting in a light breeze when needed. In the event of rainfall, these Velux Skylights are equipped with sensors and will close on their own. This will prevent a soggy interior, and you wont even have to think about it.

Manual Venting Skylights

  • This type of Velux Skylight is the perfect way to rid your home of hot and humid air, without all the bells and whistles. With a manual Velux Skylight, you are provided with the natural light and air flow that you desire, though you will be responsible for closing your skylight in the event of rain.

Fixed Skylights

  • These Velux Skylights are the most cost-effective option available. With fixed Velux Skylights, you can create the illusion of a large living space and take advantage of the energy savings created with consistent natural light. These Velux Skylights are best for use in smaller areas of your home such as hallways and stairwells.

Sun Tunnels are also a great option for bringing light into the darkest areas of your home. Areas like bathrooms, hallways, stairways and your pantry can benefit from a cost-effective Velux Sun tunnel. Sun tunnels are discreet and attractive installations that allow stunning natural light into your home, helping to reduce your household utility use, while brightening up any area.

Velux Skylights have been the most popular choice for skylights and sun tunnels in the world, for over 75 years. They are quality manufactured and when installed correctly, can last for many years without any issues. Velux skylights have a no leak guarantee, as their exclusive flashing system has been proven time and time again, in many different climates.

You can be confident in your new Velux Skylights with their many valuable warranties. For roof windows, sun tunnels and skylights, the warranties vary depending on the specific parts affected.

Skylights & Roof Windows

  • Currently there is a 20yr warranty available to protect against seal failure, or moisture between the panes.
  • A 10yr warranty is available for defective flashings, roof windows and skylights.
  • For Velux Skylights containing laminated glass and triple paned skylights, Velux offers a 10-year warranty against cracking, or hail damage.

Sun Tunnel

  • Velux offers a 10yr part protection warranty. Ensuring that you will be taken care of should any corrosion or deterioration occur within this timeframe.

Electrical Systems

  • For electrical venting skylights, Velux offers a 5yr warranty covering defective parts associated with the electrical system.

Velux Skylights are not limited to residential applications. There are many products available for flat roofing systems, and commercial buildings. These quality Velux Skylights allow for minimal heat loss, while allowing your large space to be filled with a great deal of natural light. For commercial buildings, natural light is known to create a more efficient work and learning environment.

The use of Velux Skylights can provide you with many household and health benefits. Here is a sampling of the benefits that you can expect to receive with a quality Velux Skylight or sun tunnel installation.


  • As stated above, Velux Skylights come in a wide variety of options to choose from. Each allowing you to transform your living space from dreary to fabulous with one simple installation. While vented skylights are recommended for the spaces in your home that are used more frequently, fixed skylights and sun tunnels are perfect for areas where ventilation isn’t as necessary.

Natural Ventilation

  • Provided that you have chosen a hinged style Velux Skylight, they allow for significant natural ventilation. Some can be operated with a remote, allowing you to easily close the Velux Skylight when needed. According to experts, most Canadians are spending a significant amount of time indoors, exposing them to increased levels of household pollutants. With a ventilated skylight, you are not only increasing air flow and reducing pollutants, you will also be receiving the natural benefits of sunlight.

Property Value Increase

  • Whether or not this was your initial purpose, adding quality Velux Skylights to your home can significantly increase your homes property value. More often than not, buyers these days are looking to purchase homes that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. If you choose to install a reliable Velux Skylight as a way to reduce energy use, this will likely be a tremendous selling point. Ensure that the Velux Skylight that you choose is appropriate for your climate and positioned correctly in relation to the sun, to reduce heat and cool air loss.


  • Traditional light bulbs give off an unattractive yellowish glow, that does nothing for your health or comfort. With the installation of a quality Velux Skylight you can fill your home with bright natural light, which is proven to improve your mood and increase the comfortability of your living space.

For decades Velux Skylights have been improving the lives of their customers, and with their valuable warranties and no-leak guarantee, you can be confident in the product that you choose to install. At AM Roofing Solutions, we choose to install Velux Skylights and sun tunnels, as we are well aware of their longevity and reliability. For your home, residential or commercial building, let a little natural light into your life with the use of Velux Skylights and sun tunnels. 

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