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Metal Roofing

In the past two decades, the roofing industry has changed and a new type of roof is making its presence felt. The metal roof, a throwback to times when life was a lot simpler has been remade to encapsulate the needs of builders and contractors alike. Gone are the roofs that looked like old tin-pan style roofs that appeared on barns, now metal roofing can be tiles or sheets depending on what a consumer decides is appropriate for a home, and the benefits abound. To get the insight you need when you choose a metal roofing solution for your home, contact us at AM Roofing Solutions to learn more about the newest and best roofing material on the market, and how it can improve the look of your home when you are prepared to upgrade your roofing system.

To get a clear picture of how a metal roof can benefit your home and or business, contact us at AM Roofing Solutions and let our experience – more than six decades – guide you through the process. When we install your roof, know that you will receive the best warranty in the roofing business – 10-years for workmanship – that is head and shoulders above the crowd.

Types of metal roofing

There are two main types of metal roofs that can be installed at your home and both come with distinct benefits that can be enjoyed. When you look at some metal roofs, you will see a panel-style roof and in other cases, you will see a shingle-style roof. This is where your journey begins when assessing your home’s needs and cost associated with a new roof.  

Metal panel roofing systems

Easily identifiable, the pattern of panel roof is a ‘standing-seam’ roofing system that it predominantly created with sheets that have ribs, or a seam that is anywhere from six to 12 inches apart, and it the seam runs vertically along the roof. The roof has what architects call a commercial look that is clean and contemporary for use on many types of homes. If you have a cabin-style home or a modern masterpiece of engineering, this solution can be one that will enhance the curb appeal of your home while providing an effective cover for your home that will last for decades.

Metal shingle roofing systems

Metal shingles that are installed on the top of your home are quite different than their counterparts – metal panels. Pieces of metal are stamped into tiles to provide a Spanish-tile, wood shake or shingle or slate appearance design and are laid like regular shingles. Before the metal shingles are shipped from the factory they are coated with any type of finish you desire to re-create the effect of the slate of cedar.

Materials that go into the make-up of metal roofing solutions

Now that you understand the two types of metal roofing you can purchase, you should know what materials are the basis for the solution you choose. The roofing industry has chosen two types of metal for the roofing materials for your home and both offer benefits when either is chosen. Steel and aluminum offer the best of longevity and durability for your homes aging cycle. The cost of both types of roof is reasonable and they both hold their finishes extremely well. Steel can be galvanized and aluminum won’t corrode if the finish starts to peel over time.

Metal roofs carry long-term benefits

  • When making the investment for a new roof, the first order of business is the lifespan of the roof you are choosing. Sure, you can buy a roof that will last a decade or so, but then you are right back to square one when the end of term of your roof system is complete. A metal roof has the advantage of a long life; in most cases, a metal roof can be a 50-year experience for a homeowner. Also, a metal roof will be impervious to mold, insects, rot and it is the most fire-retardant system available.
  • Metal roofing is extremely lightweight when compared to other roofing systems and that takes a lot of stress off the joists, rafters, and decking that make up your roofing system. A metal roof comes in at approximately 50-150 pounds per square – a square is an area that is equal to 100 feet square. By comparison, a tile system is 750 pounds per square, while concrete tile tips the scales at 900 pounds per square. If you are building a home or adding an addition, you can reduce your overall costs due to the reduced weight of a metal roof, as you will need fewer joists or rafters to support the weight of the roof.
  • When the roof is to be installed, the metal roofing systems of today offer speed and ease of installation. When a shingle metal roof is installed, it comes in multiple-shingles sections that reduce the installation time. If a paneled roof is chosen, 12-36 inch sections are cut to fit creating a customized roofing look. Both alternatives vastly reduce the labour costs for installation for a roof an accomplished contractor can put the roof down quickly to ensure those savings.
  • A metal roof comes with a Class A fire rating – that is the highest rating a roofing material can have and the metal roof attains this rating because it is made with non-combustible materials. One thing to keep in mind when looking at a metal roof’s fire rating, the material below the roof that could be combustible, and that can affect the rating so ask your contractor how that will affect your situation.
  • Another area that a metal roof can provide cost savings is in the use of energy around your home, especially in the summer. When the sun beats down on a roofing system it will absorb heat, with a metal roof there is no heat conduction as the sunlight is reflected off the roof. This reduces wear and tear on your Air Conditioning unit and extends the life of the A/C drastically cutting maintenance costs in the process.
  • A metal roof can be installed on many different types of sloped or slightly pitched roofs and not leak. At the bare minimum, a roof that rises three inches for every horizontal foot is where you want to be when installing a metal roof on your home.
  • When the elements drop rain or snow on a metal roof, it streams off the panels or interlocking shingles. The hard slippery substance we know a metal roof will expel water and precipitation quickly and effectively – and if you choose a dark colour the roof will heat up quickly forcing snow to melt over the course of a day.

Snow guards and metal roofs

sno gem snow blockers for metal roofDue to the nature of the material that a metal roof is made with – non-stick material – there is a possibility of a large snow release from a roof. A snow guard is the best way to prevent a large dump of snow off your roof. The guard helps keep snow on the roof to have it melt and create runoff that is controlled instead of a huge dump of snow that can create risk and hazard. On a metal roof, one to two snow guards is placed at intervals to help with snowmelt. It retains the snow and as temperatures rise the snow turns to water and drains off the roof. Snow guards can protect residents and pedestrians, limit damage liability, keep vehicles and equipment covered, protect landscaping, protect other elements of your roofing system, and reduce maintenance costs.

When the time has come for that new metal roof, don’t hesitate to call our office today at AM Roofing Solutions for a free estimate, a no-cost meeting and free inspection at 1.877.281.6900.

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