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Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in Owen Sound

Apart from having healthy happy kids and a solid employment, home ownership is a dream come true for most of us. When we buy that first home or a home we plan to live in for many years, we inherently know we will need to put money into our homes to keep them livable. Upgrades like re-decorating the interior or installing new kitchen cabinets are conditions that are part of the homeownership equation, and using the services of a professional decorator will help with the decision-making process. When we have a larger project that needs our attention, like a new a roof, calling a professional certified roofing contractor in Owen Sound is a sound decision. The best roofing contractor in Owen Sound is AM Roofing Ltd. and we have over 60 years experience providing roofing solutions in Owen Sound and other communities. We have a wide range of services to meet all the challenges of your roofing situation and all our work meets and exceeds industry standards for quality and expertise, about what you would expect from a company with our time in the business. There have been times when we have all thought that we can solve problems that become bigger than our abilities as we work through them, and in the long run, our inabilities have come with a price tag translates into money down the drain.

Our qualifications:

  • Harold Pearce founded our company in 1956, just a few short years after Pearce arrived on Canadian shores from Scotland. We can say that our company is a great Canadian success story and has grown to a four seasons roofing concern that has spread across many communities in the province. Pearce was a revolutionary in our business, he wanted to provide reliable work for a reasonable price and in order to win the confidence of his customers he created a labour warranty that extended 10 years in length and still stands to this day.
  • With over 60 years in the business, you cultivate a professional reputation for your work and a large roofing supply company has recognized ours. Owens Corning, the largest roofing supply company in continental North America, with over 70 years service providing material to our industry and they certified us a PPC (Platinum Preferred Contractor) for the materials we use and we are the only Canadian company to hold that certification.
  • Warranties are a big part of the roofing business and we offer a 10-year workmanship warranty to cover the activities we perform on site. When you use Owens Corning materials for your roofing solution, the warranty from them can be 50 years long depending on the product your purchase.
  • Professional certified roofing contractors in Owen Sound meet all the municipal and provincial requirements to work in the communities they serve and all carry insurance. We carry liability insurance and damage on property insurance, we hold municipal licensing in every location we work at and our staff hold certification under the OHSA for activities they engage in on site.

If fiberglass shingles are the roofing solution that you choose for your home, our major supplier, Owens Corning, have many choices to meet your needs.

When you make a decision about what type of roofing materials to use, step back and look at the application that the materials will satisfy. We carry a host of materials that range from slate, composite, fibreglass and cedar to meet the requirements of the application for you to choose from.

When you think of a professional certified roofing contractor in Owen Sound and other communities you think of the company as a full service roofing company and that is who we are. In the past, we have installed attic insulation, installed soffits and vents and replaced fascia and rain gutters for our customers, depending on their roofing needs.

In the past, we worked with the business sector on a variety of roofing systems and we made our reputation in the residential roofing sector.

When residents on an inlet of Georgian Bay know they need a professional certified roofing contractor in Owen Sound, they touch base with us. For a no-obligation discussion and a free inspection and estimate, make the call today at 1.519.3711.500.

Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in Owen Sound

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