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Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in Meaford

Cars are a big investment to purchase and keeping your car running at peak efficiency is a whole new cost that could be prohibitive if regular maintenance isn’t part of the planning for the operation of the vehicle. When we experience problems with our car, it can create anxiety because reliable transportation, like secure employment is paramount to healthy living. The problems that a car can pose aren’t easily fixed in the driveway; it requires analysis and an expert with years of experience to repair the problem in our technological age. When we experience problems around our homes, it is incumbent upon us to find a certified professional to determine the problem and take corrective action to remediate the problems. Major problems with our roofing system need the services of a professional certified roofing contractor in Meaford to deduce the problem and form a solution that will prevent the problem from re-occurring. AM Roofing Solutions is only choice when it comes to hiring a contractor to create solutions for roofing troubles because we have the expertise and experience to meet the challenges of a roofing problem and overcome an obstacles that get in our way. We all strive to achieve when it comes to problem solving, but do you want to leave your most important asset to the vagaries of the inexperienced when it comes time to affect a solution?

The short answer is no, and calling us at AM Roofing will provide piece of mind when it comes to dealing with roofing problems, because we provide quality service that is done right and on time.

Our qualifications:

  • Harold Pearce is a very important man in the history of our company. An immigrant from Scotland in the early 1950’s, he brought an entrepreneur’s state of mind with him and founded our company in 1956. As a new businessman, he knew he had to stand out from the crowd in the roofing business, and that is where our 10-year workmanship warranty was created. He saw a need to guarantee his work and demonstrate his work was of a level of quality that couldn’t be surpassed and it helped grow our business. Since then, our family has been running the business with the same commitment to craftsmanship and we supply year-round service with a warranty.
  • Over time and six decades later, we are still a thriving concern in our business, and with the passage of time our business reputation was rooted and has grown. We have become a substantial player in the roofing business and Owens Corning has taken notice of our longevity and accomplishments. They have certified us as a PPC (Platinum Preferred Contractor) for all their stock, and the accreditation has been the first of its’ kind that Owens Corning has awarded to a Canadian company.
  • Over time, regulations and responsibilities have developed in the roofing business and professional certified roofing contractors in Meaford will meet governance that monitors our industry. Insurance, safety training and certification under the OHSA and licensing in the areas we supply solutions in are part of the profile that a professional certified roofing contractor in Meaford like us will hold.

In the roofing business, you either deal with Owens Corning for products or you go with rest at your peril. They provide all of our fiberglass shingles and they carry many different choices to adorn your roofing system in design and practicality.

Different roofing solutions come with different product requirements to meet the goal of a quality-roofing solution. Products like slate, cedar, composite or fiberglass are options for installation and we have all the advice you need to make an informed decision for your roof.

Our wake cuts quite a swath across the roofing business and we work in areas that many don’t. Industrial and commercial enterprises have contacted our company to provide roofing solutions and working on sloped and flat surfaces has been an area that we have worked in for many years. Suburban homeowners know that we can supply roofing solution for century homes to new homes with ease and eliminate any problems we encounter along the way.

When you want tot protect your roof, you must understand that there are many different components that make up a roofing system and they need attention when a roofing upgrade is being enacted. Retrofitting your attic with new insulation, installing new fascia and rain gutters, and vents and soffits are part of any roofing upgrade that you can acquire from us when you put your trust in us.

On Nottawasga Bay, residents will call us at AM Roofing because we the best professional certified roofing contractor in Meaford. For a free home estimate and inspection with a no-obligation education session, make the call today at 1.705.445.3540.

Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in Meaford

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