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Roofing Compnay in Flesherton

It is no secret that roofing system replacements can be one of the costliest of all home improvements, and it may be tempting to proceed with the lowest price, this is a common, and costly mistake. Making the choice to hire an established roofing company in Flesherton, like AM Roofing Solutions, will ensure that you get the roofing upgrade that you desire, and our quality workmanship is unmatched. Every roofing system upgrade, from roof replacements to attic insulation replacements and including roofing system repairs, are backed by our 10yr workmanship guarantee. We have been committed to using premium roofing products, and exceeding our customers’ expectations at every turn, since our inception in 1956. As dedicated members of the communities that we serve, we are able to have a greater understanding of our customer wants, and needs. At this roofing company in Flesherton, we are extremely proud to have such a close working relationship with the leading roofing product, and attic insulation manufacturer, Owens Corning. Being the first in Canada to have earned the distinction of Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, allows us to offer our valuable customers one of the best manufacturer warranties available anywhere. At AM Roofing Solutions customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is one of the main reasons we have been able to remain leaders in the roofing industry for decades. From solutions consultants, to management and office staff, our friendly and competent employees are always on hand to answer any questions, and address any concerns that may arise.

The Services Offered by This Roofing Company in Flesherton Include:

  • Roof Replacement

Unless you have recently had a roof replacement, completed by a reputable roofing company in Flesherton, there is a decent chance that your roofing system will fail at some point. When that happens, the financial burden can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. At AM Roofing Solutions, we are able to offer the same premium roofing materials, and quality workmanship, but our variety of budget friendly payment options can significantly reduce the financial strain, ensuring that you don’t have to sacrifice any quality, do to cost restraints. From designer shingles, to a variety of flat roofing applications, and with industrial, commercial, and residential roofing services available, we are the only quality roofing company in Flesherton, that you will ever need.

  • Attic Insulation

Many homeowners fail to take their attic insulation needs into consideration when discussing their roofing system issues. This is precisely why at this roofing company in Flesherton, we perform both roof, and attic inspections at every home we visit. If you have noticed a rise in your heating, or cooling, bills the issue may be a lack of sufficient attic insulation. Many homeowners are not even aware that there is an issue, prior to our visit. A significant amount of heat loss occurs through your roof, and is directly related to the depth of your attic insulation. Too many homes are also without the proper attic ventilation, causing moisture build up and dangerous mold growth. At this roofing company in Flesherton, we use a thermal technology to help with every complimentary attic inspection, ensuring that any air leaks are sealed properly, and that proper attic ventilation can be achieved. We use specialised attic insulation removal equipment, no messy bags being dragged through your living space, leaving the air in your home free from dangerous particles. Owens Corning Pro Pink attic insulation is used for every attic insulation replacement, and attic insulation replacement. If you suspect you may have an issue with your attic space, contact the attic insulation specialists at AM Roofing Solutions, today.

  • Roof Maintenance and Repair

Without regular roof maintenance, your roofing system can deteriorate quicker than expected. This generally leads to needing a roof replacement, far before its expiration date. Ensuring that roof repairs are completed quickly, and efficiently, by a certified roofing company in Flesherton, will significantly reduce the risk of interior damage to your ceiling and drywall, and can prevent a small roof repair from becoming a large costly one. At AM Roofing Solutions, our roof maintenance and roof repair specialists can help to ensure that your roofing system remains in pristine condition for as long as possible. Being proactive with your roof maintenance is guaranteed to save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

  • Eavestrough

Damaged eavestrough systems are not only unsightly, and significantly reduce your homes curb appeal, they can also cause untold water damage to both the interior and exterior of your home. Eavestroughs that are constantly overflowing, corroded, or separating from the soffit can cause costly damage to your siding, landscaping and your foundation if not repaired in a timely fashion. The eavestrough specialists at this reputable roofing company in Flesherton, can help to determine if an eavestrough replacement is needed, or if an eavestrough repair will do. In the case of an eavestrough replacement, we use a high-quality aluminum, offered in a variety of colours, and we form every trough on site to ensure that promised quality is achieved. The care and precision that we put into every eavestrough repair, and eavestrough replacement, is unrivaled. Contact AM Roofing Solutions, today.

Home improvements are stressful as it is, so do yourself a favour and ensure that the roofing company in Flesherton that you hire for your next roofing system upgrade, has the necessary certifications and insurances. Be sure to ask for proof, and dismiss any roofing company in Flesherton that refuses to provide it. Asking for a list of past and present references, to be sure this roofing company in Flesherton is as established as they claim, wouldn’t hurt either. Every roofing company in Flesherton should be in possession of a liability insurance policy in excess of 1million dollars. This should be in place to ensure that, in the event of any damage caused by the roofing project being completed, accountability will not fall on you, as the homeowner. In addition, every roofing professional employed by any roofing company in Flesherton, is required to have sufficient WSIB coverage, and remain in good standing at all times. WSIB provides compensation to those injured while on the job. If these employees are required to work at heights of over 3meters, they must also have the proper fall prevention certification. This is now known as Working at Heights training, and should be administered by an accredited source. Proceeding with a roofing company in Flesherton, that lacks any of the above documentation, could prove to be an extremely costly mistake.

The tiny community of Flesherton, Ontario is located within the Municipality of Grey Highlands. Flesherton has an abundance of walking, and hiking trails, one of which takes you past a small but beautiful waterfall, called Hoggs Falls. This waterfall can be seen in both the summer, and winter months, so regardless of your seasonal inclinations, it is available for your viewing pleasure throughout the year. This tiny community is also known for their plentiful farmers’ markets, and friendly atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a road trip destination, or a place to call home, Flesherton is worth a look.  

If you are in need of a quality roofing company in Flesherton, contact AM Roofing Solutions, today. Toll free 1-877-281-6900

Roofing Compnay in Flesherton

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