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Roofing Company in Wiarton

A significant amount of time is put in to finding a reputable roofing company in Wiarton, capable of competently completing your roofing system renovation. When receiving roofing system upgrades, or attic insulation replacement quotes, it is usually easy to see the level of professionalism of any given roofing company in Wiarton. At AM Roofing Solutions, we are not only dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding customer service, we make it a point to educate all potential customers, to ensure that you are able to make the most knowledgeable decision possible. Our strict hiring policies ensure that every roofing tradesperson we hire, is properly certified and trained, and also possess the necessary experience. At this roofing company in Wiarton, we are so confident in the abilities of our employees, that we offer a 10yr workmanship guarantee on everything from roof replacements, and roof repairs, to eavestrough installation and attic insulation replacements. Our use of only high quality roofing products, ensures that you and your home will receive the roofing product durability that you’ve been promised. As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, we are also able to offer one of the most valuable manufacturer warranties available in the roofing industry. From flat roof, to sloped roof, and eavestrough to attic insulation, whichever roofing system replacement or repair you need, AM Roofing Solutions can help.

The Services Offered by This Roofing Company in Wiarton Include:

  • Roof Replacement

There are various reasons as to why you may be in need of a full roof replacement, age, emergency, or perhaps you are just looking for an aesthetic upgrade. Whatever your reasons, the competent roofing professionals, at this roofing company in Wiarton, can help. We offer a wide variety of premium roofing products, from eco friendly cedar shakes, and durable metal roofing, to both designer shingles and fiberglass shingles. Our trained roofing professionals are also highly proficient in the installation of a variety of flat roofing applications. The level of customer satisfaction that we are able to achieve, with our quality workmanship and respectful demeanour, is unmatched. At AM Roofing Solutions, our meticulous clean up policy ensures that your property and landscaping will be left in the same pristine condition we found it in.

  • Attic Insulation

Insufficient levels of attic insulation, and attic ventilation, can lead to higher than average energy costs, leave your home suffering from uncomfortable temperature variations throughout, and can also lead to the need for an early roof replacement, by damaging your shingles from underneath. At this roofing company in Wiarton we offer complimentary thermal attic inspections, and are able to determine your attic spaces renovation needs, down to the most minute detail. We are committed to using high quality Owens Corning Pro Pink attic insulation, for every attic insulation replacement, and attic insulation top up. This premium attic insulation is blown in, eco friendly, and is free from all indoor air pollutants. At AM Roofing Solutions, we use a specialised vacuum system for every attic insulation removal service. This system allows for a clean and efficient attic insulation removal, every time. To improve your homes energy efficiency, save on your heating, and cooling costs, and save yourself the headache of an early roof replacement, contact this roofing company in Wiarton, today!

  • Roof Maintenance and Repair

Like everything else in your life, your car, your property, yourself, your home requires regular roof maintenance, and timely roof repairs, in order to continue to function as expected. This roof maintenance can include, the removal of large snow, or ice accumulations, trough cleaning, or replacing missing shingles or flashings, just to name a few. If you are uncomfortable, or unable to perform this routine roof maintenance on your own, it would be in your best interests to contact this reliable roofing company in Wiarton, right away. You rely on your roofing system to protect your home and its contents from the elements, and without proper roof repairs, and regular roof maintenance, your roofing system is bound to fail, its only a matter of time. Be sure to contact AM Roofing Solution immediately, should you encounter a leak of any size, before the issue can become costly.

  • Eavestrough

A significant amount of water, caused by snow melts and heavy rains, can run off of your roof, and without a functioning eavestrough system in place, that water has no place to go and will likely pool around your foundation. This pooling water can cause cracks to form in your foundation, leading to damaging basement flooding. If consistent overflow is a main issue with your eavestrough and it has been left without a quality eavestrough repair, you may already have mold growth behind your siding. If you have come across any deficiencies with your eavestrough system, call this full-service roofing company in Wiarton, right away.  We specialise is quality eavestrough repairs, and eavestrough replacements. At AM Roofing Solutions, we use a premium aluminum material for every eavestrough replacement that we perform. Every eavestrough replacement is machined on site, to ensure a perfect fit, and our aluminum is available in a variety of attractive colour options.

Every reputable roofing company in Wiarton must adhere by certain standards, as far as insurance and certifications go. In order to be a responsible consumer, you must educate yourself on these standards prior to hiring any specific roofing company in Wiarton. Any roofing company in Wiarton that you choose to hire must ensure that every employee, including those who subcontract, is in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Having proper WSIB coverage ensures that should any roofing professional be injured while on the job, sufficient compensation will be provided. Every roofing company in Wiarton must also possess a sufficient liability insurance policy. Any amount over 1million dollars should be sufficient in the event that damage is caused as a direct result of the roofing renovation being completed. Both of these insurances remove any accountability from the homeowners themselves, and cannot be overlooked. All roofing professionals who may be required to work at heights above 3meters, must also take an accredited fall prevention course. This certification is now known as Working at Heights, and is now required by law in the province of Ontario.

The community of Wiarton Ontario, is located within the town of South Bruce Peninsula. Most recognizable for being the home of Wiarton Willie, this community is covered nationally and internationally, every Groundhog Day as people across Canada wait with baited breath to here this Groundhogs prediction. With many activities available throughout the year, from cave exploring, to camping and hiking, there is definitely more than one reason to visit the community of Wiarton, Ontario.

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Roofing Company in Wiarton

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