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Roofing Company in Southampton

While choosing the right roofing company in Southampton, for your next home improvement, can seem like a tedious task, taking the time to properly research every roofing company in Southampton will be beneficial in the end. At AM Roofing Solutions, our competent and friendly solutions consultants will take the time to ensure you are properly educated on all roofing products available to you, to ensure that you fully understand and are comfortable with the roof repair, or replacement project that your home is about to undertake. Our strict hiring policies ensure that all roofing professionals that are sent to complete your roofing upgrade, are highly experienced, certified, and sufficiently trained. We are so confident in the abilities of our employees that we offer a 10yr workmanship guarantee on every roofing upgrade we complete, including eavestrough repairs and attic insulation replacements. This roofing company in Southampton works closely with the leading roofing products manufacturer, and as such we are able to offer our customers one of the most valuable manufacturer warranties available anywhere. We are fully insured, BBB accredited, and we provide all of our roofing professionals with up to date, in house training. From attic insulation replacements, to quality sun tunnel installations, and more, at AM Roofing Solutions our customers satisfaction is our number one priority.

The Services Offered by This Roofing Company In Southampton Include:

  • Roof Replacements

Whether you are need of a roof replacement now, 2 years from now, or many years down the road, this particular home improvement is simply an inevitability of home ownership. Roof replacements are also one of the costliest of all home improvements, and at this roofing company in Southampton we understand the strain that this can cause on our customers financially. This is why we offer our customers a variety of financial options, designed to fit any budget. We will not allow cost to come in between you and a quality roof replacement. Regardless of which roofing product you have your heart set on, from designer shingles, to eco friendly cedar shake, metal roofing, flat roofing and beyond, we can help you increase the durability of your roofing system, while also adding much needed value, and curb appeal to your home.

  • Attic Insulation

The depth of attic insulation, or lack thereof, in your home can have a dramatic effect on its energy efficiency, in turn having a significant effect on the cost of your heating, and cooling, bills. The recommended amount of attic insulation your home should have is just over 22inches, or R60 as its generally measured. If your home has not had a comprehensive attic inspection performed, by a reputable roofing company in Southampton, it may be in your best interests to contact the attic insulation specialists at AM Roofing Solutions today. Our certified attic insulation specialists use thermal technology to properly asses, not only attic insulation depth, but also to ensure that your attic space has a sufficient amount of attic ventilation, which can also play a large roll in the overall health of your roofing system. If your attic space is found to contain less than sufficient amounts of attic insulation, or your current attic insulation is moldy, due to moisture buildup in your attic space, we use specialised attic insulation removal equipment, to ensure that none of your existing attic insulation is able to contaminate your living space. We are also highly proficient in attic insulation replacement, and we use blown in, Owens Corning Pro Pink attic insulation for every attic insulation top up, as well.

  • Roof Maintenance and Repair

Ensuring that your roofing system is provided with the regular roof maintenance that it requires, will be extremely beneficial to both your home, and wallet in the long run. If performing routine roof maintenance such as, snow and ice removal, trough cleaning, or replacing missing or broken shingles, seems like an intimidating task to complete on your own, contact a certified and fully insured roofing company in Southampton, to discuss your options. Without timely roof repairs, and regular roof maintenance, you run the risk of needing an early, and expensive, roof replacement. Allowing any roofing system deficiencies, such as leaks, to continue without the proper roof repairs, can lead to significant damage to the inside of your home. Moisture laden ceilings, and drywall, can be costly to replace and can make for an unhealthy living environment for you and your family. Don’t neglect your roofing system any longer, contact the roof maintenance and roof repair specialists at AM Roofing Solutions, today.

  • Eavestrough

The eavestrough system surrounding your home, when functioning properly, can prevent an array of costly damage from occurring to your homes exterior and landscaping. A significant amount of water can run off of your roof in the heaviest of rains, and during snowmelts as well, and without a quality eavestrough system in place, this water can find its way behind your siding, causing moisture build up and mold growth. This water can also pool around your foundation causing cracks and in turn, water damage in your basement. Our eavestrough repair specialists, at this roofing company in Southampton, can perform any eavestrough repairs quickly and efficiently. If the damage is significant, and an eavestrough repair is no longer an option, we also perform quality eavestrough replacements.  Our eavestrough replacements are machined on site, and we use a high quality aluminum, with a baked on enamel finish, available in a variety of colours. At AM Roofing Solutions, our quality, care, and precision is always guaranteed.

Every roofing company in Southampton, and there employees, are required to posses certain insurances and certifications, and because there is no governing body in the roofing industry, it is entirely up to the consumer to ensure that these requirements are met, prior to the start of your roofing enhancement. WSIB coverage, is mandatory for every employee, of every roofing company in Southampton, whether in-house or subcontractor. Should you choose to overlook the possession of this insurance, you could be held liable for any injuries incurred during the process of your roofing upgrade. Liability Insurance is another mandatory, and incredibly important insurance, that every roofing company in Southampton must posses. Should any damage occur, to surrounding homes and properties, as well as your own, as a direct result of the home improvement underway, this insurance will protect both the homeowner and business. As far as certifications go, WHIMAS training is always beneficial, but every roofing company in Southampton must provide their employees with fall prevention training. This training is known as Working at Heights, and is mandatory for any person who may be required to work at heights above 3meters, and should always be taught by an accredited source. A little research can go a long way, take the proper steps to ensure that the roofing company in Southampton that you hire for your roofing upgrade, has the necessary documents, and is willing to provide proof of such.

The small community of Southampton is located in Bruce County, Ontario, and sits on the shores of Lake Huron. Although the permanent population is quite small, it grows significantly in the warmer months do to a number of cottages and camping areas available for vacation use. Due to its close proximity to the Saugeen River, and the stretch of clean, sandy beaches nearby, water related activities are prevalent in this area throughout the spring, summer, and much of the fall. From fishing, swimming, and boating, to camping, and lazy beach days, Southampton has everything that you need for a nice relaxing vacation.

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Roofing Company in Southampton

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