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Roofing Company in Chatsworth

Ensuring that whichever roofing system renovation your home needs, is completed by a qualified roofing company in Chatsworth, is the only way to be sure the job will be done properly the first time. At AM Roofing Solutions, we are able to provide our customers with the premium products, warranties, and quality roofing system installations that you would expect from a large roofing company, while still providing our clients with the friendly, and personal customer service reminiscent of a smaller company.  Our integrity, and commitment to quality workmanship are renowned in the roofing industry, and are both qualities we have carried with us since our inception, over 6 decades ago. We take great pride in our ability to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations with our respectful demeanour, top rate workmanship, and, our use of top of the line, Owens Corning Roofing Products. The close relationship between the leading roofing product manufacturer and this roofing company in Chatsworth, allow us the ability to offer the kinds of manufacturer warranties that are rarely seen in the roofing industry. Our dedication to hiring only those, who have been proven to have exceptional roofing experience, allows us to confidently offer our valuable customers a 10yr workmanship warranty on a wide variety of roofing services that we provide. From eavestrough replacements, and quality sun tunnel installations, to roof repairs and roof replacements, AM Roofing Solutions specialises in a variety of roofing system services.

This Roofing Company in Chatsworth Offers the Following Services:

  • Roof Replacement

Roof replacements are an inevitability of home ownership. Whether due to an emergency, age, or aesthetic upgrade, your roof will need to be replaced at some point. The durability, look, and lifespan, of your new roofing system will depend entirely on the quality of roofing products that you choose, and the experience of those who install it. At this roofing company in Chatsworth, our roofing tradespeople are thoroughly trained and highly experienced, and the workmanship guarantee that we offer is a reflection of that. We are dedicated to using premium Owens Corning roofing products, so you can rest assured that roofing product quality will not be an issue with us. From flat roofing and designer shingles, to metal roofing and cedar shakes, at AM Roofing Solutions, we can help to increase both the curb appeal, and value of your home.

  • Attic Insulation

A tremendous amount of heat, and cool air, is lost through your roofing system daily, upwards of 30% in fact. In order to efficiently put an end to this, you must ensure that your attic space has the required depth of attic insulation. The current standard for attic insulation is R60, or about 22 inches, many homes, especially older ones, have been found to have significantly less. Whether your home was built recently, or not,  If you have not had your attic space inspected recently, now would be the time to contact a certified roofing company in Chatsworth. At AM Roofing Solutions, we provide complimentary thermal attic inspections, and specialise in efficient attic insulation removals, and quality attic insulation replacements. We use high quality Owens Corning Pro Pink attic insulation, for every attic insulation replacement, and attic insulation top up. This insulation is blown in, made of recycled materials, and is free from any indoor air pollutants, keeping your home running efficiently, and your family breathing easily.

  • Roof Maintenance and Repair

Mother Nature can be a brutal force to contend with, and your roofing system is constantly bearing the brunt of her wrath. Without the regular roof maintenance that your roofing system requires, significant issues can arise, both inside and outside of your home. If snow removal, trough cleaning, or basic roof repairs are not something that you feel comfortable completing on your own, contact the roof repair, and roof maintenance specialists at this roofing company in Chatsworth today. The benefits of providing your home with regular roof maintenance cannot be understated. Consistent roof maintenance, and timely roof repairs will ensure that your roofing system can continue to provide your family, and the contents of your home, the protection they need for years and years to come.

  • Eavestrough

The weather in Southern Ontario can be tumultuous, and just as the elements can have an adverse effect on your roof, they can also cause significant damage to your eaves trough system. If your eavestrough becomes damaged, not only is it unsightly, but many significant issues can arise if you do not have an eaves trough repair done quickly. A tremendous amount of rainwater, and water caused by melting snow, can run from your roof in the spring and summer, and without a functioning eavestrough system this water will pool around your foundation, flood your basement, and cause damage to your siding. At this roofing company in Chatsworth, we specialise in eavestrough repair, and eavestrough replacement services. We use an aluminum material, with a baked-on enamel finish for every eavestrough replacement. This premium aluminum is highly durable and available in 20 attractive colour options. Stop possible water damage in its tracks, contact AM Roofing Solutions today for a comprehensive eavestrough inspection.

Home improvements are inevitable, and for your peace of mind it is important that you ensure that any roofing company in Chatsworth that you consider for your next roofing system upgrade is fully insured, and sufficiently certified. WSIB coverage and Liability Insurance cannot be overlooked, and as a responsible homeowner, and consumer, you must ask for proof of these documents prior to signing any contract. WSIB provides compensation to any roofing professional who has been injured while on the job. In order to protect the homeowner from accountability, every roofing tradesperson must possess this insurance. Liability insurance is mandatory as well, for any roofing company in Chatsworth. Should any damage be cause in direct relation to your home improvements that are currently underway, you will not be held accountable. Any amount less than a 1million policy, is not sufficient. On top of those insurances, every roofing tradesperson who works at heights of over 3meters must be provided with the proper fall prevention training. This is know called Working at Heights training, and is now required by law. Don’t put your home, or peace of mind in jeopardy, be certain that you are hiring a reputable roofing company in Chatsworth.

The township of Chatsworth is located within Grey County, Ontario. Chatsworth is home to many scenic attributes, including numerous rivers and streams, waterfalls, plentiful forest, and clean lakes. This community is known predominately for its farming industry which dominates much of the beautiful landscape. From fishing and hunting, to swimming, boating, hiking and more, this township is a relaxing vacation destination that cannot be overlooked.

If you are interested in a free roof or attic inspection, contact AM Roofing Solutions right away. Toll free 1-877-281-6900

roofing company in chatsworth

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