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Roof Replacement in Wiarton

Wiarton Willie is an icon in many parts of Ontario – and who would have ever thought that a groundhog would gain celebrity status like the Kardashians. But he has, and every Groundhog Day, Willie is let out of his den to see if he sees his shadow as the determining factor for when Spring will come to Ontario.

Willie’s den is burrow in the ground and really has no need for a roof replacement in Wiarton, but the local residents may need a roof replacement in Wiarton and when they do they call AM Roofing.

Hiring help for a roof replacement in Wiarton, means you need a contractor who has experience in the roofing industry. The easiest way to start your search for a contractor for a roof replacement in Wiarton is took in the area for companies to provide a roof replacement in Wiarton. It gives you the advantage of looking at previous work and making contact with other customers to evaluate your choice.

Check the legitimacy of your potential contractor; all reputable contractors have a business license and insurance to cover their activities for a roof replacement in Wiarton. Many times a contractor will have a license number on the side of his truck that can be verified and proof of insurance can obtained at the point of contact with the contractor for a roof replacement in Wiarton. 

To provide a solid roof replacement in Wiarton, a contractor needs a strong team of labourers to help with the work. Some contractors hire from pool of subcontractors and others have a crew that they employ on a full-time basis. Make sure you know the difference – sub crews are here today and gone tomorrow and that doesn’t inspire confidence at a time when you need it for a job of this size.

Many major renovation and home restoration projects come with warranties to cover a great many things that are part of the job. For a roof replacement in Wiarton there should be two warranties that come with work. First, the materials will have a warranty from the vendor and the contractor will warranty the labour for his team provides.      

To end the consultation for a roof replacement in Wiarton on a positive note, the contractor will supply a written estimate to cover what was discussed for the roofing work and hold the price for work.

For well over 60 years, our company, AM Roofing Solutions, taken a measured approach when we educate potential customers about our company and how we can help in their time of need. Providing the heavy lifting for the work is our family – three generations – and they have put our company on the map with quality workmanship that is guaranteed with a 10-year labour warranty.

To determine whether you have roofing problems or not is a simple as looking at the roofing system to see what is going on. Shingle problems are detected easily, especially if they are missing of are flapping in the wind. Watermarks stick out and downspouts that don’t move water are recognizable – and when you have these problems call a contractor.

When we take your call, we will book an appointment for a technician to come to your residence for roofing system and attic inspection. At the end of the roofing system inspection, our tech will provide an estimate and then on to the attic. What our tech will be looking for the density of the attic insulation and whether the insulation is working, as it should. Insulation keeps heat away from the shingles, a necessity because heat is Public Enemy Number One for shingles due to damage heat causes shingles due to continued exposure.

To bring the roof replacement to satisfactory conclusion, you need to top off the house with shingles. Lots of options to choose from a style and colour perspective, and shingles come in different materials like composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles/shakes) and metal roof coverings for your home.

Book a no cost meeting and free estimate when you call AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Wiarton


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