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Roof Replacement in Tiverton

The community of Tiverton was slow to develop and through the fits and starts of clearing brush and forest away the land was exposed and a settlement was eventually built. Commerce was the early choice among the settlers; as they were somewhat different form other communities as they eschewed as resource-based economy to backstop the community in the mid-1800’s. Now, Tiverton sits a stone’s through away from the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station and it is the main power supplier and employer in the area.

When the villagers need a roof replacement in Tiverton, they know that AM Roofing will be there for them. We have access to the best local installers in the industry and they are provided with top-quality materials for any roof replacement in Tiverton.

When you have determined you have roofing problems, the first step is to hire a qualified contractor for a roof replacement in Tiverton and the contractor should be local. It affords an opportunity to get a look any previous work the contractor has done and whether his work will be suitable for your roof replacement in Tiverton.

Once a contractor has been located his credentials need to be validated as a ‘professional’ contractor for a roof replacement in Tiverton. To do this, ask the contractor for his business license and who underwrites his insurance for his activities as a contractor.

To get a roof replacement in Tiverton off the ground, labour will be required to propel the job to its’ satisfactory conclusion. Labour can come in two forms, subcontracting or a full-time staff that the contractor will provide for a roof replacement in Tiverton.

Any roof replacement in Tiverton should come with warranties that will cover the work provided by the contractor and the material supplied by the vendor. The warranties should have a timeline of at least five-years and if they don’t it maybe a problem going forward.

The last thing to consider for a roof replacement in Tiverton is price point, and the costs should be broken out in a written estimate for a roof replacement in Tiverton. The estimate acts as a form of insurance to protect the consumer from cost increases that weren’t factored in at the time of the consultation.

At AM Roofing, we have been leading our customer down the path of successful roofing work for the past 60 years and our family – three generations have been our trailblazers. After they complete any roofing work, a 10-year labour is given to the customer as our commitment to our family’s efforts.

Roofing problems can be recognized with a little knowledge and an eye for detail. Shingles will be first thing that will catch your eye when you see curled corners or cracked shingles. Other problems include, but aren’t limited to: clogged eavestroughs, water stains in the attic or along the fascia, or puddles around the base of the downspout.

If see any of these problems, call us at AM Roofing to get an inspector out to determine the nature of your roofing emergency via a roofing system and attic inspection. Once the roofing inspection has been completed, the inspector will tabulate the costs in an estimate and then on to the attic. What the inspector wants to see is the amount of insulation present in the attic. Insulation prevents heat leaks and that in turn protects the shingles – shingles can’t stand over exposure to heat, as they will dry out and crack.

To get a covering on the roof, you will need to select a colour and style of shingles, and a material that you want your shingles to come in. In our inventory, we carry a large selection of colours and styles of shingles in composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles/shakes) and metal roofing products for your home.

Call us, at AM Roofing, for a no-obligation inspection and free estimate today at 1.877.281.6900

Roof Replacement in Tiverton

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