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Roof Replacement in Southampton

The town of Southampton sits a the mouth of the Saugeen River and some historians credit the community with honour of being the first bilateral trading post with the Natives in the area. The fur trade exploded in the early 1800’s and was the start of trade and commerce that would elevate the village to the hub of activity in the area.In the ensuing decades the community has undergone change like many towns in the area and the major thrust of community activity now is tourism. Most residents in the community if they don’t work in the tourist industry – work nearby in the energy field at the Bruce Power plant.

When the residents of the community shine a light on roofing problems and those problems require a roof replacement in Southampton, they contact AM Roofing Solutions to light the way. Our installers are community members in Southampton and beyond and when they arrive to provide a roof replacement in Southampton they have the best materials money can buy to fulfill the work.

There are many ways to hire someone to provide work at your home, but a roof replacement in Southampton needs some care and attention to detail before any contracts are signed. Check in the general area for potential contractors for a roof replacement in Southampton, and ask them about recent previous work they have done. That will give you a chance to see the work first-hand and provide a point of reference for a decision on the contractor you are looking at for a roof replacement in Southampton.

A contractor who is operating within the confines of provincial regulations will have insurance and a business license as a form of validation for his activities involving a roof replacement in Southampton.

Labour the key element for any roof replacement in Southampton, without it the job isn’t done – so a careful selection of a contractor for a roof replacement in Southampton is a must. Align yourself with contractor that maintains a regular crew for the work he is quoting as it provides an air of confidence in the contractor.

When you have a roof replacement in Southampton, you should receive two warranties from the contractor. One warranty is for materials that the contractor will pass to the homeowner from the supplier and the other will come from the contractor for work done by the crew he uses. The duration of the warranties should have reasonable time limit and most are five-years in length.

The tie that binds the deal together for a roof replacement in Southampton is the written estimate for labour and materials. The contractor will issue a written estimate before any work is undertaken to protect the homeowner from any unforeseen costs he could liable for without an estimate.

When you deal with us at AM Roofing Solutions, be advised that our company has 60 years of success in dealing with all the thorny details that are required to complete roofing work and our family – three generations – is our light of day. When we complete our work, we leave our customers with a 10-year workmanship warranty as our promise of quality work that will last for many years.

When we work with homeowners, they often ask how do they catch roofing problems early to limit the damage and the cost of repairs. Generally we tell them it requires some investigative skills and a little time and effort. We tell people to look for common problems like shingle damage, water leaks and soil erosion around downspouts. When people see these problems we urge them to call a contractor immediately to prevent further harm the roofing system.

When that call comes to us at AM Roofing Solutions, we dispatch an inspector post haste to investigate the damage and provide an estimate to correct the problems that are occurring. Once our inspector has completed that task, he will perform one more inspection, this time in the attic. What our inspector will be looking for is the level of insulation density you have in your attic. Insulation is an absolute must for a homeowner and the level of density is important for two reasons. One, it keeps the heat in and saves money on reduced heating costs and the second is the insulation is the protection the shingles need from heat leakage that can occur when there is little of no insulation.

The last thing left to touch on is a roof covering and at AM Roofing Solutions we show many different styles and colours for the covering. Once the colour and style has be chosen, the material for shingles is all that is left to decide on. We have shingles that come in composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles/shakes) and metal roofing products for you to choose from.

Call AM Roofing Solutions today for a free roofing system inspection and a no cost meeting at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Southampton

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