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Roof Replacement in Shallow Lake

Shallow Lake is remnant of the ice age, when small lakes were left in the wake of the oncoming ice that forced its’ way down through southern Ontario. Situated on the Georgian Bluffs, the residents of Shallow Lake tell visitors to bring their skates in the winter and be ready to shovel snow when your playing pond hockey on Shallow Lake.

For practitioners of the great Canadian past time and even those who don’t know when a roof replacement in Shallow Lake is the thing, AM Roofing Solutions is the cure for what ails the roofing system. We use local installers when they aren’t playing pond hockey and we give them the best materials and equipment to complete a roof replacement in Shallow Lake.

Building a team for a roof replacement in Shallow Lake is a lot like building a successful hockey team; you start with a general manager, namely a contractor to ice the club for a roof replacement in Shallow Lake. Look for a local contractor who has experience providing a roof replacement in Shallow Lake.

You want a professional contractor for a roof replacement in Shallow Lake and the best way to determine it is to ask for current licensing and insurance from the contractor before he provides a roof replacement in Shallow Lake.

Players for a hockey team are drawn from the organization to suit up for the local team, but a roof replacement in Shallow Lake can have two different types of 'players'. One group that can be culled is a pool of ‘free agents,’ subcontractors, who will provide the work and be gone when it is done. Or, the contractor will have an established team to provide a roof replacement in Shallow Lake. An established team is the only answer for your roof replacement in Shallow Lake because they aren’t here today and gone tomorrow.

Warranties for roofing work are the guarantee that the work and the materials will be of sufficient quality that the work and materials will last for at least a set period of time once the job is complete. The contractor will assure the work of his staff and the materials will be warrantied by the manufacturer through the vendor. Ask about time limits for both to protect the integrity of the work you are about to receive.

Once a player has been chosen for a hockey team, a contract will be offered for his services. The contract, like a written estimate in the roofing industry is binding document for the services and the costs associated with the job.

When you consult us at AM Roofing Solutions, our 60 years of business experience will be the light that guides you through the dark passages for the work you need. Our family – three generations – has the experience and the ability to provide excellent work. When they complete any roofing work, we extend a 10-year labour warranty to the consumer as a demonstration of our commitment to excellence.

Finding problems with you roofing system can be achieved through an inspection and what that means is climbing a ladder for a look at the shingles. Shingles that are missing, cracked or curled represent a problem that needs a contractor to address.

When we take your call for help, we send out an inspector to look at the roofing system and attic for trouble and when he completes his inspection a written estimate is provided. In the attic, our inspector will be looking for insulation density and whether is sufficient to protect you shingles and keep heat in the main living areas of your home. If your insulation isn’t meeting the challenge, it will leak heat to the shingles causing damage to accrue quickly without notice.

The only thing left to complete the roofing work is a cover for the top of your house. We have a myriad of colours and styles that come in materials like composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles/shakes) and metal roofing products for your home.

Call AM Roofing Solutions today for a free inspection that comes with a no cost consultation at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Shallow Lake

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