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Roof Replacement in Saugeen Shores

Saugeen Shores is a relatively new municipality that was an amalgamation of the towns of Southampton, Port Elgin and the township of Saugeen in the early 1990’s. The region traces its’ history back to mid-1800’s when surveyer’s came to map the area and trade and commerce were the net result of the mapping establishing a community based on agriculture and fishing. AM Roofing Solutions have been providing roof replacement in Saugeen Shores to the absolute satisfaction of all residents who have chosen us are their preferred roofing contractor.

Our family-run business has been a leader in the roofing industry for over 50 years and our longevity is based on old-fashioned values that translate into deep customer satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence and the pride we take in quality workmanship have placed us on the pantheon of great roofing contracting companies.

When you start the process for a roof replacement in Saugeen Shores, it is imperative that you have a cogent plan in place for selecting a roofing contractor. If you have never had a roof replacement in Saugeen Shores and don’t know what you should be asking, a few obvious questions come to mind. The first thing to find out is whether the roofing contractor has a local office in the community and does he do local work that can be evaluated and references obtained from previous customers. All reputable contractors carry some type of liability insurance and most, if not, all roofing contractors should be able to provide proof of insurance during the consultation process. Is the roofing contractor that you are evaluating for a roof replacement in Saugeen Shores going to use his company’s crew or will they use a sub contractor to complete the work. Next piece of information that will help make an informed choice is whether the contractor has a warranty for workmanship and materials. Most contractors carry some type of warranty for their work and the manufacturer provides a warranty for their materials in case of there is a product defect. The most important element of roof replacement in Saugeen Shores is a written estimate that spells out the type of work to be conducted, what materials will be used and the costs associated with the roof replacement in Saugeen Shores.

When you have chosen us, AM Roofing Solutions, to provide your roof replacement in Saugeen Shores you can depend on us to meet and exceed all the criteria for selecting a qualified reputable contractor. We use only the best roofing technicians in the tri-city area and our commitment to quality and excellence is unmatched. As a demonstration of our commitment we provide all our customers a 10-year workmanship warranty that defines the level of quality we provide in our work.

Our experienced professionals will come to your residence to conduct an inspection that will touch on a number of different areas to determine how well your roofing system is functioning. If our service tech sees shingles that are missing, have lost granules, or are cracking or curling it is a sign that a roof replacement in Saugeen Shores is in your future. A visual examination of the eavestroughes and fascia can tell a story if there is water stains on the fascia or down the side of the house indicating that the eavestrough is performing as required. The service tech will then access your attic for two reasons, first off he will look for water stains on the internal rafters, if they are present, there is breach in the roofing system. The second thing that the tech will inspect is the attic insulation. If the attic is under insulated or has no insulation at all it could be a big problem. Insulation keeps the inside attic temperature static with the outside temperature. If the insulation isn’t working as it should the attic could be overheating and that will create damage to the underside of the shingles causing them to wear sooner than expected.

Once the service tech has completed his walk through, a detailed plan will start to come together and the service tech will go into great detail to advise of the nature of the damage and what the correct procedures are to repair the damage.

Options for a roof covering can be discussed at this time. We carry asphalt shingles and fiberglass shingles in a wide array of colours and styles to fit a home’s character. Cedar shingles and shakes make for a positive addition as an upgrade to your roofing system and we carry metal roofing products for those who see this as their best option.

To make a choice for your home with the best roofing contractor in Central and Southwestern Ontario, contact AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.289.6900 today.

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