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Roof Replacement in Red Bay

Red Bay is like many communities on the southern Bruce Peninsula, and it started a small settlement back in the early 1800’s as immigrants migrated to the area in search of peace and prosperity. The community sits a few minutes walk from Lake Huron and there are many beaches, cottages and campgrounds that drive the local economy. Red Bay has one unique feature that many Ontario communities don’t have and that is cat camp. That’s right, a cat camp, where u can send your recalcitrant feline for behaviour modification lessons and ‘potty’ training.

When homes in the community need a roof replacement in Red Bay, they call on our company AM Roofing Solutions to provide the modifications. Our local installers have all the training necessary to provide a solid roof replacement in Red Bay and they use the best supplies the industry can manufacture for a roof replacement in Red Bay.

When a roof replacement in Red Bay is required, the first act a homeowner should engage is hiring a contractor for the work. Look for local representation in the roofing industry for a contractor for a roof replacement in Red Bay, it gives the homeowner a chance to analyze previous work for suitability for their homes.

Trades work is regulated just like anything else, and a professional contractor will meet the terms and conditions of the regulations set down by government for a roof replacement in Red Bay. First thing that is mandatory business license and then insurance coverage for a contractors’ activities for a roof replacement in Red Bay, and you want to avoid a contractor who doesn’t hold these designations.

To staff a roof replacement in Red Bay, the contractor can draw from a subcontracting pool or use a crew that works for him full-time to complete a roof replacement in Red Bay. Better to work with the contractor with a full-time crew for a roof replacement in Red Bay as it speaks to the contractor’s commitment to the work.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, but warranties can make up for the gap and any roofing work that is supplied is warranties under two different categories. The labour a contractor is warrantied by his company and the materials hold a warranty from the manufacturer of the materials used. Standard time line for both warranties starts at the five-year mark, and can be extended under certain circumstances.

For the deal to take shape a written estimate if the last thing to be addressed as it the thread that sews up the deal. The estimate should have the costs and any pertinent details that are task specific to the work for your home. Don’t sign anything without an estimate in hand.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we have been taking the guesswork out of roofing work for the past 61 years and our family has been the impetus behind out work. For three generations our family has been providing the work required to complete the jobs and when they complete their work a 10-year labour warranty is left with the homeowner.

It is fairly simple to detect roofing problems if you take the time to look. A quick visual inspection of your roof or the support systems involved in the roofing system will provide all the information you need. Shingles that are damaged or missing, water stains on the house or leaks in the attic can be spotted and when they are call a roofing contractor right away.

When we take your call, our service dispatcher will send a technician to look the roofing system over for damage and provide an estimate to cover the work. Our technician will look in the attic before he departs to see what condition the attic insulation is in. You need to have a level of insulation that will keep heat in the home and away from the shingles because shingles can’t stand exposure to heat.

A covering will be needed to finish your roofing work and we carry many styles and colours for shingles. They come in materials like composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles and shakes) and metallic products for you to choose from.

To get a free consultation that comes a roofing system inspection and estimate, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Red Bay

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