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Roof Replacement in Port Elgin

For many people, Port Elgin has some of best sunsets in the province of Ontario if not the best in Canada. Nestled on the shores of Lake Huron facing west, many tourists come to the near north playground for recreational activities and water sports in the summer months. The community’s economic hub is tourism and they city has produced a number of famous professional athletes for the National Hockey League and renowned figure skating champion Barbara Underhill. The community boasts a small-town charm where everybody seems to know one another and it has built a strong community fabric. Many old homes dot the community as new construction starts to add to the local housing stock and when residents need a roof replacement in Port Elgin for their homes they call AM Roofing Solutions.

Many of customers choose our company because we are dedicated to quality workmanship and we use only the best products available to provide a roof replacement in Port Elgin.

When you decide you need a roof replacement in Port Elgin you should take the time to develop a list of details to address before you sign off on anything with a roofing contractor for a roof replacement in Port Elgin.

When you begin to scour sources for a contractor for a roof replacement in Port Elgin, it is easiest to start with local contractors who have a reputation in the community. This is essential because it gives the potential consumer with a body of work to pass a judgment on and it also provides someone to consult with to see how the work was accomplished and whether the previous customer was satisfied with the work.

The next point up for consideration should be municipal licensing. Most reputable contractors will have registered with the city they are located in and the licensing adds an air of professionalism to the potential contractor.

Going hand in hand with licensing is insurance for any potential liability that may be incurred on site when a contractor is performing a roof replacement in Port Elgin. Insurance will be reflected in any estimate that you receive for a roof replacement in Port Elgin – beware a low-ball estimate from any potential contractor because it means they could be cutting corners.

When discussing your potential roof replacement in Port Elgin, ask about warranties for the products the contractor will use and if the contractor will provide a warranty for workmanship. Generally, most roofing products come with a manufacturer’s warranty that is standard for any product purchase and most if not all contractors will provide some type of workmanship warranty that runs somewhere between one and three years in duration for a roof replacement in Port Elgin.

After those details have been discussed, the last and most important item of any roof replacement in Port Elgin is a written estimate. It differs a great deal from a promissory note as it details all the costs associated with a roof replacement in Port Elgin and spells out all the responsibilities that are to be assumed by the contractor.

As the best roofing contractor in Central Ontario, we meet all the pre-conditions for a roof replacement in Port Elgin and our commitment to excellence is demonstrated with a 10-year workmanship warranty.

Once you have made the decision to go with us for your roof replacement in Port Elgin, we will send one of roofing experts out who will attend your home for a full internal and external inspection of your roofing system. Our expert will start with the shingles, examine your attic insulation and develop a detailed report of what is wrong with your roofing system and what is required to bring it back to 100 per cent efficiency.

Our expert will lay out what activities will be performed without all the jargon and buzz words so you can readily grasp the nature of the problems and the solutions for your roof replacement in Port Elgin.

Shingles that are damaged or missing is a problem, as is a lack of insulation. The shingles need to be in a good state of repair – if not and they are cracked or curled it could create a situation where water is entering the roofing system jeopardizing the deking and underlay in the process. Attic insulation is a protective seal for the shingles and keeps too much heat from being released to shingles that causes premature degradation.

Once the shingles and the insulation has been assessed a look at the rain gutters and downspouts will reveal whether your roofing system is draining water as it should and if not it will be noted in the consultant’s report.

After all the details have been taken into account, a work plan will be created for a roof replacement in Port Elgin can come off without a hitch. Included in the work plan will be the materials that we will use to achieve your roof replacement in Port Elgin.

We have different types of materials to choose from for shingles, standard shingles are made of asphalt and fiberglass shingles have been around for quite some time and they offer excellent protection for any roofing system. We stock many varieties of shingles in many different colours and styles that can be complimentary to any home design or colour scheme.

If man made products aren’t in the plan, we carry cedar shingles and shakes that can provide a stylish look to your roofing system when we provide your roof replacement in Port Elgin.

A relatively new product in the marketplace, a metal roof is becoming quite popular due to it’s durability and cost and we have a great deal of experience working with metal roofing systems.

To review your roofing system for a roof replacement in Port Elgin, contact AM Roofing solutions today for a no obligation consultation and free estimate at 1.877.289.6900.

Roof Replacement in Port Elgin

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