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Roof replacement in Owen Sound

The city of Owen Sound had quite a salacious reputation back in the days when the city was first founded. The city known in the mid-1850’s as ‘The Chicago of the North,’ ‘Corkscrew City’ and ‘Little Liverpool’ was known for hard drinker settlers who frequented brothels that sat side by side with the taverns and saloons. Those establishments were part of the early hard woven, social fabric of the port city that doubled as a frontier town in the near north of Ontario.

Over time, the city’s reputation has smoothed out a great deal and the town is now a tourist destination with many attractions and cottage areas that are part of the landscape.

With the bad old days a distant memory, residents that need a roof replacement in Owen Sound call the experts at AM Roofing Solutions to solve all their problems with the roof that is causing them distress. At AM, we use top-quality materials and have some the best installers in the region to provide a roof replacement in Owen Sound. When the time comes to employing a contractor for a roof replacement in Owen Sound, some guidelines should be adhered to get the best possible result for a roof replacement in Owen Sound.

There are many local contractors in Owen Sound who supply a roof replacement in Owen Sound, but until you interview the contractors you don’t know if they have the ability to meet your needs for a roof replacement in Owen Sound.

When you have short-listed potential candidates for your roof replacement in Owen Sound, you need them to present their credentials for verification. What you are looking for specifically is a business license and up to date insurance for the work.

Commitment is everything in business, and be wary of a contractor who won't supply a dedicated, full-time crew for a roof replacement in Owen Sound. Some people think that the use of a subcontractor for a roof replacement in Owen Sound is tantamount to buck-passing and should something go wrong will the contractor stand behind the work of the sub crew?

Warranties are everything when you are investing a good buck on any type of home renovation and in the roofing business, you should know that two warranties are available for a roof replacement in Owen Sound. Materials will be guaranteed via a supplier on behalf of the manufacturer, and the labour will be guaranteed via the contractor for his crew. With warranties two things come to the fore, the first is the timeline that the warranty is valid for and the second is the conditions that govern the warranty. Make sure you understand these details implicitly; otherwise disappointment could be the end result if the details aren’t set out at the time of the initial consultation.

Before you can make a decision about a contractor for the work you need, you need to know how much the work will cost with a specific contractor. That comes in the form of a written estimate that should be an expectation, not the exception, and if you don’t receive a concrete offer in writing from the contractor, you should move on to the next contractor on your list.

We would like to advise all potential customers that our company, AM Roofing Solutions will provide all the information you need to make a successful choice when you evaluate our company for your roofing work.

We have a great deal of experience dealing with the needs of the customer who have roofing problems and over 60 years in existence we can safely say you are in good hands.

The foundation of our company is on the strong shoulders of our family – we have three-generations that have taken up the mantle of roofing as a career and they approach everything they do like they are doing it for themselves.

If we have learned anything about the roofing business, it is to offer fair work for a fair price, embrace the customer's needs like they are our own and provide quality-workmanship for every task we perform. When we finish roofing work, our last task is to leave the customer with a 10-labour warranty as our commitment to the customer that we stand behind everything we do.

To determine problems on a roof, you need to see the problems first-hand, and the only way to do so is getting on the roof and take a look at the condition of the shingles. They are a good indicator of a roof’s health and when they are damaged it means other systems will fail to function. Cracked, curled, or shingles that are missing mean trouble, leaky rain gutters or water stains anywhere inside or outside of the house need attention right away. That is where AM comes in.

You contact our office and we meet with you at your home for a routine inspection and consultation; that will determine your needs and systematic plan of attack to administer the cure for the ailments afflicting your roof. At the end of our visit, our technician will have a written estimate he will leave with you for you to make a decision on.

When you are looking for help with coverings for your roof, we have a number of different possibilities to advise you on. We have asphalt, composite, cedar – shakes and shingles – and metal roofing materials that can keep your home warm and dry for years to come.

Don’t let procrastination make your roofing work more expensive when see trouble contact us right away for help. For a free inspection, a written estimate that comes with no-obligation, call us today at AM Roofing Solutions 1.877.281.6900.

Roof replacement in Owen Sound

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