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Roof Replacement in Meaford

The municipality of Meaford sits peacefully on the shores of Nottawasaga Bay and has become a tourist’s playground for its beaches and surrounding area’s historical value that attract day-trippers and weekend cottagers alike. For full-time and seasonal residents of community, a roof replacement in Meaford is one call away to AM Roofing Solutions.

Three generations in the roofing business and going strong, we attract the best tradesmen the industry has available to provide a solid roof replacement in Meaford that says quality like no other. All the tradespeople we use are highly qualified, trained and certified for any roof replacement in Meaford. Our crews have worked on stately century homes, new construction homes and cottages that speak to our commitment to excellence. Our materials are all top of line in the roofing industry and we offer an eye-popping warranty. A 10-year workmanship warranty is a standard condition to any roof replacement in Meaford that our rivals just can’t match.

To select a roofing contractor to provide a roof replacement in Meaford requires good judgment and a strong plan to avoid the pitfalls of any home renovation job. Look for an established roofing contractor, someone with roots in the community and a portfolio of work that can be reviewed for quality.

Has the roofing contractor who will provide the roof replacement in Meaford cleared administrative hurdles that will validate the roofing contractor’s company as legitimate; insurance and licensing defines a the professional roofing contractor.

When you hire a roofing contractor for a roof replacement in Meaford you can expect that he will assemble a crew to provide the replacement. But not always, some roofing contractors use subcontractors and that can be a problem during installation and after the fact if repairs need to be enacted.

A warranty for work performed on your roof and a manufacturer’s warranty for materials should be part of the roofing contractor’s services when providing a roof replacement in Meaford, Ontario. Generally, roofing contractors will provide a one-to-three year warranty for the workmanship and depending on the materials used, manufacturer warranties can be up to 25-years in duration.

Before you sign a contract for a roof replacement in Meaford obtain a written estimate that dictates the responsibilities and costs that are locked in so there are no surprises when the work is concluded.

When you look at your roof, do you see signs that your shingles are starting to disappear or are cracked or worse, missing? Are water stains appearing in places where none existed previously? Do your rafters have stains or are the rain gutters pulling away from your home?

If you are experiencing any one or a combination of all symptoms it might time for a roof replacement in Meaford and a quick call to AM Roofing Solutions can solve the problems.

One of consultants, with many years on the job, will come to your home to look at the trouble spots inside and out and take a detailed investigation of your attic. Attic insulationis an interlocking component of your home’s roofing system. The insulation maintains a heat shield for the underside of the roof preventing early deterioration of the singles from the underside. Our inspector will address all the problems and formulate a solution that easy to understand that come with options.

Our consultant will help you navigate through our selection of shingles – asphalt and fiberglass – and show you colours that will blend in with your home’s design. Cedar shingles and shakes make a statement about your home that says stately luxury. We a large selection of metal roofing systems that incorporate colours and modern styles that look like asphalt or fibreglass shingles.

For a roof replacement in Meaford, AM Roofing Solutions is the best choice for you. Call 1.877.289.6900 today to book a free, no cost, and a no-obligation estimate.

Roof Replacement in Meaford

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