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Roof Replacement in Markdale

The village of Markdale hasn’t changed much in the 200 or so years it has been in existence. When the community was first settled by European immigrants it took its’ economy from the resources that were available, namely logging, like many other communities in the area. Now, the community has a small manufacturing base as their economic salvation that sustains the residents who eschewed the city for small town values and quality of life.

AM Roofing Solutions is the only company to provide a roof replacement in Markdale for community members who are in need based on the fact we are the best company for the work and use local installers that use quality materials to complete the work.There are no special tricks to hiring a contractor for a roof replacement in Markdale, but some good old-fashioned common sense and logic will go a long way to hiring the right contractor for the job. Look in the general area for a contractor who has roofing experience and who has supplied as roof replacement in Markdale. Once you have located a contractor or two, you can get out to see the work they have tendered and that should help with the decision-making process.

To work in trades, a contractor – to be considered a professional – will have a license and insurance to operate. It can’t be stressed enough that the potential contractor for your roof replacement in Markdale hold these designations for your protection. The physical application of the work for a roof replacement in Markdale must come from the contractor and he will employ his own crew or a subcontracting crew. The quote and go contractor is poor choice, because once he is paid he off to another quote never to be heard from again.

At this junction in the selection process for a roof replacement in Markdale, the warranty question should be answered in no uncertain terms. The contractor will cover the labour for a roof replacement in Markdale; the roofing materials supplier will cover shingles and other products that will be used for the work.To put a bow on the deal, the contractor should provide a written estimate for a roof replacement in Markdale before any work is started on the roof replacement in Markdale.

Our company, AM Roofing Solutions have over 60 years service in the field and any roof replacement Markdale is completed by our family – three generations – and when are done with the work a 10-year warranty is presented a gesture of good faith.

Roofing problems can be pinpointed with a bit of knowledge and some effort. If you are willing to climb a ladder, the problems will be presented to you before your eyes. Shingles that have cracks or curling at the edges are self-evident, blocked eavestroughs don’t move water and leaks in the attic can be seen promptly.

When one or more problems have been recognized, call us at AM Roofing Solutions for a roofing system and attic inspection. Our service technician will see all the problem areas in the system and provide an estimate for the work. When that task is complete his next order of business will be to look in the attic to see what condition the attic insulation is in. Insulation is the key driver to protect the shingles from the inside out. The insulation keeps a layer of fibreglass between the home and the roofing system and with it in place the shingles will be protected from heat release through the attic.

Every home has a personality and with it should come the right style and colour of shingles to match. We huge inventory to satisfy any décor that comes in a large selection of materials for you to choose from like composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal roofing products to complete the work.

To book a comprehensive inspection that comes with a free estimate, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.2981.6900.

Roof Replacement in Markdale

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