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Roof Replacement in Lion's Head

Lion’s Head is a community that sits at the midway point on the Bruce Peninsula, just off the Bruce Trail and takes it name from an unusual outcropping of rock that sits in the middle of town. It is said the rocky outcropping has the appearance of a lion’s head, hence the name and it has stuck for the past 200 or so years.

When the residents of the community roar that they need a roof replacement in Lion’s Head, AM Roofing Solutions come to calm the beast. Our local installers don’t approach the work with a whip and chair, they take the best materials in our industry to tame the problem.

Finding a reliable contractor for a roof replacement in Lion’s Head doesn’t men searching hither and yon for help, all you need to do is look locally. A local roof replacement in Lion’s Head will provide perspective with regard to the work you can expect from the contractor you are reviewing and help with a potential reference from other customers.

A professional contractor will hold a business license and insurance for a roof replacement in Lion’s Head and any contractor who hold these designations will be happy to provide verification upon request. To get a roof replacement in Lion’s Head moving, labour will be required to make the project run. Some contractors hire out – meaning, they use a subcontracting team for a roof replacement in Lion’s Head and other contractors keep a full-time team. Gravitate toward the contractor who has a full-time team as it says he has a commitment to the work.

Warranties for a roof replacement in Lion’s Head come in two different forms and they govern materials and labour. The labour warranty for a roof replacement in Lion’s Head is the sole responsibility of the contractor. The materials warranty for a roof replacement in Lion’s Head comes from the supplier on behalf of the manufacturer. Both should hold a reasonable time frame, five-years at least, and they can be extended under some circumstances. If you don’t get a written estimate from a contractor for a roof replacement in Lion’s Head, you are putting your head the lion’s jaws and it will be bitten off in higher costs if you aren’t protected.

Our company has over 60 years protecting our customers from the pitfalls that effect the hiring process for a contractor and our family – three generations – is the labour that achieves the goal of quality-workmanship that is backed by a 10-year labour warranty.

When your car is suffering from maintenance problems is makes noises to let you know that something is amiss, but your roofing system has no such ability, but it will speak to you if you can interpret the signs.

Damage to shingles can be detected at a glance, stains or puddles where they shouldn’t be at the base of downspouts or exposed roof decking is your roof’s way of saying HELP!

A call to our office will get an expert to your home for a roofing system and attic inspection. When he arrives he will be able to interpret the messages that the roofing system is sending and then bundle his information in an estimate to cover all the work. In the attic, our man will be taking inventory of your attic insulation and whether the density level is protecting the shingles by keeping heat in the home. Once heat vents to the shingles, it is only a matter of time before the heat cause damage to the shingles and the damage caused will require replacement shingles to be installed.

Last but not least, is the roof covering for your home that comes in many vibrant colours and contemporary styles to match your colour and design schemes. For materials, we have composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles/shakes) and metal roofing materials that will ensure your home’s protection for many years.

Take a step in the right direction and call us at AM Roofing Solutions today for a free inspection and a no cost evaluation at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Lion's Head

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