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Roof Replacement in Hanover

German settlers who emigrated from Germany founded Hanover in the early 1800’s and they brought with them a work ethic and a determination to succeed in the new country they called home. With them came a trade for furniture making and in the dense forests that surrounded the town the factories flourished when the railroad arrived to ship goods across Canada and beyond. That led to Hanover being dubbed the ‘Furniture Capital of Canada’ and the community grew proportionately through the early part of the 20th century. When residents are in need of a roof replacement in Hanover they make contract with us at AM Roofing to service the problems. We use quality installers that we draw for the local area and we supply them with the best products to cure the roofing ailments.

Hiring a contractor for a roof replacement in Hanover can be trying exercise but it doesn’t have to be is you plan ahead and know what you need to look for. Check in the local vicinity for a contractor for a roof replacement in Hanover, the advantage here is the opportunity to view and review previous efforts for a roof replacement in Hanover.

To see the job of to a successful conclusion you need a solid base of operations for a roof replacement in Hanover and one way to ensure that is to hire professional. A professional will hold licensing and insurance to operate as a contractor for a roof replacement in Hanover and it validates the tradesman in the marketplace to provide a sense of security for a homeowner.

A roof replacement in Hanover requires people to engage in the work and the contractor will supply the labour from one of two places. He will draw from a pool of subcontractors who supply workers for a roof replacement in Hanover, or the contractor has a regular crew that he employs for the jobs he quotes. In the vein of continuity, a contractor with a crew he employs is best suited for a roof replacement in Hanover because it says he has ‘skin in the game.’

When you are spending potentially thousands of dollars on a home improvement project like a roof replacement in Hanover, warranties for the work loom large as detail of the deal. Roofing work combines two warranties that cover materials – covered by the vendor – and labour, covered by the contractor. Both should have a significant period of time attached to them and if not it could be trouble in a couple of short years. To end your initial foray in contractor screening, the company you are evaluating will provide a written estimate at he conclusion of the consultation to cover the work he has detailed as solution to the problems.

When you work with our company, AM Roofing Solutions, to solve your roofing problems, bear in mind that we have doing the heavy lifting for 60 years and our family – three generations – are some of the many hands that make for a light burden. To catch roofing problems at their onset, you need to have an idea what you are looking for and how it will appear when you see it. Shingle problems stick out readily as damage that constitutes cracked or curled shingles is easy to spot. Watermarks on the fascia or leaks in the attic are also easy to see, and when see these problems contact a contractor straight away.

Our company, when contacted, will send out an inspector to catalogue the problems he finds and will present an estimate as a means to an end for the problem. An attic inspection is part of the service and what our installer will be looking for is attic insulation density. Attic insulation density keeps the heat in your home while protecting the shingles from unwanted heat leakage through the attic. The heat leakage will destroy shingles rapidly without notice and that becomes a disaster waiting to happen.

Once the old roofing materials have been stripped, new shingles can be applied and our inventory has many styles and colours available. Material choices are many and we carry composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles/shakes) and metal products for your new roofing system.

A roof replacement has never been so easy as when you call AM Roofing Solutions today for a free inspection and no-obligation get-together at 1.877.2781.6900.

Roof Replacement in Hanover

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