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Roof Replacement in Ferndale

Ferndale bills itself as the 'hub of the Bruce Peninsula' due to its' proximity to the centre of the landmass that extends through the area. The town’s inland location makes it a holiday respite for summer vacationers that come to the area every summer and tourism is the mainstay of the local economy.

In tourist country, a roof replacement in Ferndale is the responsibility of AM Roofing Solutions, our installers are local residents and they use the finest materials that our industry can produce.

When you have a roofing problem that needs attention, you hire a contractor to come in and provide a roof replacement in Ferndale. If you have never had roofing problems before and you need a contractor, look for one in the area for roof replacement in Ferndale, it will provide a basis for comparisons for the work you are going to contract.

A contractor, if he is a professional, will carry insurance and municipal licensing for a roof replacement in Ferndale and verify his credentials if you aren’t the most trusting soul.

A roof replacement in Ferndale must have a labour component to it and the contractor has two choices when staffing the crew for a roof replacement in Ferndale. First, he can assemble a crew of disparate labourers also known as subcontractors, or he can supply a crew he has employed for the work. It is better to use a contractor with his own crew for a roof replacement in Ferndale, as it shows the contractor as a high level of commitment to his trade.

Any roof replacement in Ferndale – or anywhere else for that matter – will have warranties attached to the work. The contractor will certify the work his crew does for a roof replacement in Ferndale and the supplier will certify the materials. Both warranties should be proportionate to the amount of money you are spending on a roof replacement in Ferndale for duration.

Before you engage a contractor for a roof replacement in Ferndale, get the price in writing for the work. If you don’t, you could be on the hook for extra costs that weren’t discussed at the time of the interview with the contractor.

AM Roofing Solutions has a history of helping consumers with the rigors of hiring a contractor and for 60 or so years we have been supplying excellent work across the province. Our family is our pride and joy and three generations have been supplying the initiative and ambition to complete the projects that we acquire. Once the roofing work is complete we present a 10-year warranty to the consumer as our commitment to our workmanship.

For those who need roofing work, you have seen the signs of damage, like shingles on the lawn or blocked eavestroughs or water running over downspouts. When you witnessed these problems or others like them, a call to our office will see a service tech come out for a roofing system and attic inspection. Details will be taken into account and written estimate for the work will be provided before our tech looks at the attic insulation.

Insulation performs two jobs, one it keeps the heat in your home – saving money and two it keeps heat away from the shingles – saving money on replacement costs. Shingles weren’t designed to withstand overheating and they will crack and curl due to prolonged exposure to heat.

To cover the roof, we have great choices for styles and colours for shingles that come in materials like composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal roofing products to keep you warm and dry.

For a free roofing system inspection that comes with a no cost consultation, call AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Ferndale

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