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Roof Replacement in Durham

Durham is small town that sits at the foot of the Bruce Peninsula and hosts many different outdoor activities through all four seasons for nature enthusiasts. The local economy was built on two industries, a furniture manufacturing company and lumber mill that supplied materials to the factory. For over 100 years Durham has manufactured furniture and when a cottage or home from any period needs a roof replacement in Durham, AM Roofing Solutions has all the answers for any question that surround a roof replacement in Durham.

With just over 50 years as a roofing contractor, AM Roofing Solutions has a professional reputation that is unsurpassed and the most important aspect of our business is people who run it. All of installers engage in continuous education in the newest techniques for a roof replacement in Durham and all attain a level of certification that is compatible with their functions as roofing technician. We recruit all our employees locally due to our commitment to strong local economies that support local services. Our dedication to providing exemplary work rests in our warranty, we provide all our customers with a 10-year workmanship warranty for your roof replacement Durham.

In Durham, there are many different roofing contractors to choose from for your roof replacement in Durham, but how you distinguish between roofing contractors?

A few factors that influence a decision for a roof replacement in Durham can be divined through some investigation and information accumulation. A roofing contractor who has supplied a roof replacement in Durham will use the completed job as an advertisement and should have no problem identifying previous work for a reference. Any after the fact work that needs to be done on the roof replacement in Durham you have purchased should be achieved relatively easily when you employ the services of a local roofing contractor.

A pertinent question to ask of any roofing contractor is this: Will he employ his own crew for your roof replacement in Durham or will use a third party like a sub contractor to complete the roof replacement in Durham?

Warranties can make a big difference when purchasing a roof replacement in Durham. Warranties for materials are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and the workmanship warranty is the domain of the roofing contractor. Know the duration of terms for each warranty, if you don’t, costly repairs may await you down the road.

Protect yourself from seasonal operators who work as roofing contractors. Many times they carry inadequate insurance or aren’t licensed municipally and this could mean bylaw violations or worse an accident at your home that you inevitably become responsible for.

Before you sign on the dotted line for a roof replacement in Durham, read what you are signing for. If you are signing a written estimate for a roof replacement in Durham all the costs will be broken down as will the rights and responsibilities of both parties, don’t sign anything that is less than a price guarantee for the work in question.

Many times we don’t know we need a roof replacement in Durham until disaster visits our door. But a quick look at the surface of roof can reveal some very telling traits. The condition of your shingles is of the utmost importance. If they are damaged or missing or showing signs of age a roof replacement in Durham could be preventive maintenance against bigger problems later. Water is the scourge of any roofing system, and stains anywhere inside or outside your home spells trouble with a capital T. An investment in adequate attic insulation is a solid step in the right direction for your roof replacement in Durham. Your new surface will be protected from unwanted heat buildup in your attic if isn’t properly insulated and the end result is the shingles that cover your roof will loose their effectiveness faster than their end of life span.

A consultant from an AM Roofing Solutions roofing expert will check the condition of the shingles and other items on his checklist and come up with a roof replacement in Durham that has choices within the written estimate he will provide.

Owens Corning is industry leader in roofing materials and we carry all the popular colours in asphalt and fiberglass shingles. Cedar – shakes or shingles – can spruce up the look of any home and metal roofing solutions are durable and a cost-effective alternative to traditional roofing systems.

For more information or a no obligation review of your current roofing system, call us today, AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.289.6900.

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