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Roof Replacement in Dundalk

European settlers founded many settlements across the near north of Ontario and Dundlak is no exception. Irish settlers who came to the country in 1800’s from coincidentally, Dundalk Ireland, started the community and it has been a going concern every since.When residents need a roof replacement in Dundalk, they contact AM Roofing Solutions to provide the valuable service. Our installers are local to the area and they have access to top-flight equipment and materials to make a roof replacement in Dundlak a thing of beauty.

Hiring a contractor for a roof replacement in Dundlak isn’t as hard as finding a Leprechaun’s pot of gold, it just takes a little time and patience to ask the right questions. Look in the general area of your community to find a contractor who has provided a roof replacement in Dundlak – it gives you a chance to compare the work against other contractors who have provided a roof replacement in Dundlak.

A ‘professional’ contractor will have accreditation to cover his activities for a roof replacement in Dundalk. The contractor needs to hold a business license and insurance to ply his trade for a roof replacement in Dundalk, stay away from unlicensed contractors because you never know what you are getting into.The contractor will need to provide staff for the roof replacement in Dundlak and there are two different paths he can take. One is to hire from a group of subcontractors and the other is to use his crew, nothing says stability like employees, so choose wisely.

When you make a big investment in your home, you expect some kind or protection for the investment. A roof replacement in Dundalk should come with warranties to protect the homeowner on the labour front and the materials that are used. The contractor will guarantee the work f his crew and the supplier will guarantee the materials. Ask about the timelines for both to make sure you are covered for eventualities.

To finalize your arrangements for a roof replacement in Dundalk, the contractor should give a consumer a written estimate for the work as it has been discussed. Without an estimate, the cost of the work could multiply and the homeowner will have no recourse.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we have over 60 years providing quality service that meets all the criteria for successful work and our family – three generations - has provided the labour to complete the work. When they finish any roofing job, our company issues a 10-year labour warranty as our commitment to quality-workmanship.

You don’t need a PhD to find roofing problems, all you need is a sharp eye and attention to detail to find problems. Missing or cracked shingles, eavestroughs that are pushed away from the fascia and water stains make up the bulk of common problems that are easily recognizable to the untrained eye.

When you see these problems or others, call us at AM Roofing Solutions and we will send one of inspectors to meet with you and provide a roofing system and attic inspection. Once the roofing system is looked over, our inspector will provide an estimate for the work and then onward to the attic. What our inspector will be looking for is the level of attic insulation in the home. If you don’t have enough insulation your money is going through the roof in heating costs and the heat will damage the shingles beyond repair.

To end the roofing work on a positive note, a covering will need to be placed on the decking and we carry many types of styles and colours for shingles. The shingles you purchase can come in composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles/shakes) and metal roofing materials to cover your house.

For a no-obligation meeting and free roofing system inspection, call AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Dundalk

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