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Roof Repair in Wiarton

Many things around our homes need to work well to be effective, when they don’t they are a liability that needs to be addressed. And most if not all of the systems and infrastructure around our homes are the products of the advent of technology, making life easier with gadgets, apps, and widgets to do things faster, better or just to do things that just weren’t possible in the past. One thing I think that everybody can agree on is the fact that a nice, hot shower can be an invigorating experience or a relaxing one depending on how one is feeling when they jump in the shower. Some people like to feel the warm water of a nice, hot bath to relax in and enjoy the peace and relaxation that the warm water provides. All this comfort comes from one of your most important appliances in our home, the water heater. Without a functioning water heater, we have to boil water to wash dishes, washing clothes in cold water doesn’t really get them as clean as we might like and that warm bath or shower is certainly out of the question. When our water heater fails we call somebody to come over and fix it immediately, who can survive without hot water? If you grew up in a big family and were the last one in the shower, you may have taken a cold shower to two in your life, but it isn’t an experience you want to repeat on a regular basis. But what of our outdoor systems that maintain the integrity of home – in a structural sense – when windows break we replace them to keep out the elements, the same thing goes when we need a roof repair in Wiarton. We repair it to keep the elements out and protect the asset we know as our home.

When we need a roof repair in Wiarton, we engage a contractor for the roof repair in Wiarton because it has so many other pieces of the puzzle depending on a functional roof. If we let water invade the structure of our home because we didn’t get a roof repair in Wiarton when the problem was easy to solve, we risk financial peril because we let the grass grow on our roof repair in Wiarton.  Many homeowners don’t leave repairs to the last minute, and when the residents need a roof repair in Wiarton, they call AM Roofing Solutions to provide the roof repair in Wiarton. There are many reasons to select us as the company to provide a roof repair in Wiarton like the fact we have some of the best technicians in the area, we use the best products the market can provide from reputable manufacturers and we have a track record that runs over 60 years as a roofing company in southwestern Ontario as some of the key ingredients in our success. But, one of the most important reasons we are successful in providing a roof repair in Wiarton is our family – for the past three generations they have been the muscle and hustle that is what we are all about and when they finish a roof repair, we have a 10-year workmanship warranty for the work they do.

Roof repair in Wiarton, a sign of the times:

  • We get messages all the time, some subliminal, others more forceful, but when it comes time to repair your roof, the signs are as plain as the nose on your face. Your shingles will tell a story when you look at them, and if they are cracked, curled or missing, it will be a sad story that comes with a happy ending when the roof is repaired. Once the sheath – the shingles have been breached, water will make its’ way across the entire roofing system and that causes many problems to the interior of the house and these problems are preventable when you repair your roof in a timely manner.
  • Working with the shingles are the valleys that are on your roof. A valley was put on the roof to help with water runoff, the valley acts as a channeling agent to collect rainwater or water from melting snow and move it in a stream to the gutters for dispersal. When valleys aren’t moving water or aren’t moving it fast enough it creates the problem of pooling water on the roof. If water is permitted to sit in a pool it will find a place to go and generally it is where we would rather not have it go and that is into the attic through the decking.
  • The rain gutters or eavestroughs act as the water ejection system – they take water from the shingles and the valleys to the downspouts for release on the ground. If your eavestroughs are installed correctly, the water will be sent away from the roof and run away from your foundation. In a perfect world, they would all work like that, but blockage and cracks or holes in the gutters mean that water will collect in places around your foundation and that could mean two repairs, one for the gutters and another for the foundation.
  • We may not have installed a skylight in our home it may have come with the house when we bought it, like a chimney. But both items n the roof can pose serious problems for a roofing system that is vulnerable to water leaks. Chimneys and skylights are set on a roof and they are sealed tot eh roof with a bead of caulking to keep water out. While the caulking works well, it can be prone to failure in old age and when it does, cracks, splits, and gaps form between the roof and the skylight or chimney. When it rains, the water will enter your home through both places – if you see drips on the floor or a puddle, you know that a bead of new caulking will be required to stop the leak from your skylight. For the chimney is a lot harder to detect problems because they aren’t apparent – you would need to investigate and check the attic for water stains or wet areas to know for sure. Take time out of your day and get on the roof for a look or call a contractor, caulking is cheap and a service call will be relatively inexpensive and it beats replacing the housing around a skylight that has mold growing because water got in.

Wiarton is home to a groundhog that predicts the weather and his name is Wiarton Willie. Every Groundhog Day in February, Willie will emerge from his burrow, and if he sees his shadow we will have another six weeks of winter. According to folklore, the groundhog is about as right as the weatherman when predicting the end of winter. But it does make for a nice celebration of community in Wiarton come Groundhog Day.

For local residents, a call to us at AM Roofing Solutions to discuss their roofing problems is at their fingertips. For a no cost meeting, and an in-home inspection, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Wiarton

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