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Roof Repair in Tobermory

Every human being needs reliable transportation, without it we are cut off from the world and it makes any activity that much more difficult to engage in if we can’t get there to engage in it. If you live in an urban setting you have options for transportation that don’t require owning a vehicle. Walking can be an effective mode of transportation is you live close to your work – and living in an urban location can provide that opportunity. If the distance between work and home is too great to walk, the public option for transportation – city buses, Go Transit, or a subway if you live in a large urban centre means the need for a car is greatly diminished. But what if you don’t have the luxury of using transit that is provided by a municipal government because you commute from one city to another, you need a reliable ride to get from here to there. Sometimes we can carpool with someone who is going to the same place, but that isn’t always an effective solution for getting to work. That means an investment in reliable transportation, whether is a car or van or an SUV, you need to be able to depend on your ride to help earn a living. It is no small investment to purchase a car and operate it on a daily basis – there are big expenses associated with the operation of personal transportation that can take a big bite out of a household budget. Certainly, we plan for upkeep of our personal vehicles, but we never plan for an auto repair that can happen at any time. Equipment failure can’t be scheduled, but it can be planned for. Regular maintenance of vehicles like oil changes, new brakes, and other complementary systems on a car are expected to fail at some point. When a major repair happens or we get in an accident – these are unforeseen problems that require immediate solutions and we have to act on the problems to maintain our personal freedom with reliable transportation.

A roofing system that is in need of a roof repair in Tobermory is a similar situation. A roof repair in Tobermory is an unforeseen expense that can’t be avoided because it impacts many parts of a home and when a roof repair in Tobermory is left unfulfilled it could be a large home retrofit waiting for a time to occur. When you need a roof repair in Tobermory, there are many avenues you can go down to get help, but the best place to arrive at is AM Roofing Solutions. As a roofing company, we have been in business for over six decades and that is almost unheard of in our business, and every roof repair in Tobermory we provide is based on the experience of those decades we have been in operation. When we are hired to provide a roof repair in Tobermory we use the best available service techs available for the work and their skills are known across our service area in southwestern Ontario. Our family – three generations – has been the team we rely on for a roof repair in Tobermory and they have driven our reputation for quality-workmanship for the many years we have been working. Once the work is complete for a roof repair in Tobermory, our crew will give a homeowner a warranty for our work – a 10-year labour warranty – as our demonstration that work was done to last.

Roof repair in Tobermory, when you know

  • Problems on a roofing system can be complex, yet there are some easy to recognize signs that you need a roof repair in Tobermory. One thing that sticks out is the condition of the shingles that cover your roof. If they have cracks, rounded corners, are split or missing, it is time for a consultation with a roofing company. When the shingles are functioning at less than 100 per cent, it affects other systems under the roofing system umbrella. The biggest job that the shingles perform – other than covering the roof - is to move water from the roof in concert with other integrated systems on the roof. When shingles fail to perform the perfunctory service they have been enlisted for they are allowing water to sit and pool on the roof it gives the water someplace to go other than where it was intended to be sent and that is the ground.
  • Working with the shingles are valleys, they catch the water higher up on the roof and move it in an orderly fashion to the rain gutters via the shingles. Valleys cause rapid dispersal of run off – either from the rain of melting snow or ice – and if they don’t move the water quickly the water will find a way to penetrate the roofing system. Pooling the biggest problem for the valleys, and if you have had water in your decking it could bow and allow for small pockets of water pool in the sagging areas. When you have this problem the costs of the repair grow because you now have two things to repair to get your roof to where you need it to be.
  • Once the water has been moved via the valleys and shingles to the rain gutters, it is the responsibility of the gutters to get the water to the ground through the downspouts. If the gutters have materials sitting in them that impede the flow of water, this is a problem that clearing the gutters will cure. If the gutters have a hole or crack in the system, the water will leak into the ground and pool in the area it leaks too. That can cause a depression in the ground and it makes for a larger pool to hold water that can leak to the foundation around you home.
  • The last thing you want to be cognizant of on your roofing system is the design features you have added, like skylights or if you have a chimney stack protruding from the roof. Both of these things can be a leak looking for a place to happen due to the way they affixed to the roof. Skylights and chimneys have caulking that seals the openings around the circumference of the area where they are attached and when the caulking develops quality issues – like cracks or gaps – water can get in the house. If your skylight is leaking, you can affect a repair with some new caulking if you can see the leak, but if you can’t it means the water is invading your home and you aren’t aware of and if your not you can’t take action against it.

The town of Tobermory bills itself as the ‘Freshwater Scuba Diving Capital of the World.’ The community sits on the northern end Bruce Peninsula and is popular with divers because there are many shipwrecks in the in the Five Fathom National Marine Park. Lots of exploring can be done on the many wrecks in the water and its historical value is protected by the National Park designation. The park is a financial boon for the area and much of the local economy is devoted to diving and tourism. When residents need to have a roof repair supplied they know whom to call. They know they can call us today at AM Roofing Solutions for a free estimate, no-obligation information session and free estimate at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Tobermory

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