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Roof Repair in Tiverton

Back in a time when things were less complicated by technology, we had simple solutions to simple problems that plagued our everyday lives. We plugged in the TV and voila, we got channels that didn’t require a box or a major in electronic engineering to get it running. If you were a fan of the old ‘Red Green Show,’ you knew that duct tape conquered all when it came time to repairing or fixing a household item. If you watch TV now, you see a primate hawking a particular type of material that is said to hold fast for longer periods with a better grip. A multitude of products have been created to help the homeowner with small to medium-sized repairs and all for a few dollars can they be yours. Problem is, most of the time the products are used for the wrong application or the homeowner has greater expectations than the product or service can produce, then what?

Then you do what you should’ve done to start the repair process and that is call in an expert and get things done right the first time for a fair price. But, we never learn because we have been taught that a penny saved is a penny earned, and the less we spend the more we save. But we can't treat our assets that way because the costs are come magnified when we try to do things on the cheap. A leak in our roofing system can be one such roof repair in Tiverton that could see a quick fix applied; only to be redone later because it was ineffectual. When you are dealing with one of your most important systems in your home – your roofing system – you need professional help when providing s roof repair in Tiverton and our company has all the help you need. We are AM Roofing Solutions and we have been assisting many people with roof repair in Tiverton with our expertise and talented team of installers. Our team is on a constant learning curve and the development of the latest in engineering and technological advancements means that they are on top of everything that develops to present the best possible roof repair in Tiverton that the industry can provide.

When we come to your aid and execute a roof repair in Tiverton, our company will guarantee the work with a 10-year workmanship warranty to cover the work and that has been a mainstay of the company for many years. We have been in the roofing business for over 60 years, and our ability to provide a roof repair in Tiverton is never in question and our family leads the way. We have three generations of family working in our business and they have been and will the best tradesmen you can have at your home for a roof repair in Tiverton.

When the time has come, a roof repair in Tiverton

  • When you can see roofing problems at the top of your home, you should know that things have gone too far. The first thing that you will see is the shingles that have become worn – the condition of the shingles is paramount to the whole roofing system. Cracked, curled, or missing shingles is the clue that tells you a roof repair in Tiverton is now required. You can’t let your first line of defense become vulnerable – the risks of neglect can mean the difference between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand dollars if you don’t enact a roof repair in Tiverton when you see signs of wear.
  • Working in concert with the shingles are the valleys on your roof. Their primary and sole function is to move water from the upper reaches of the roofing system down with the help of the shingles to the rain gutters for dispersal at the ground. If the valleys aren’t getting the water to the gutters fast enough or not at all it means water will find a way into your attic and that creates a whole new set of problems. Valley problems are tough to detect in the beginning, but quickly identify themselves when things have gone too far.
  • The rain gutters are a roof’s best friend because they take any excess water that has fallen like rain or melting runoff from snow away from the roofing system and to the ground. The gutters need to be debris-free to work at peak efficiency. Gutters that have cracks or holes in them pose another risk for the homeowner because water has to go somewhere and if there are leaks the water could drain along the side of the house and find openings to run into. This is a problem most homeowners don’t take into consideration and then they wonder why they have to redo an entire wall. This is a problem that can be easily avoided with some proactive action to prevent a problem from starting when you keep a constant eye on the condition of your gutters.
  • Many home accents are designed to enhance the character of a home and some even add equity to the value of your home, but some come with a downside. Skylights look great on the outside of a house and all the extra natural light they bring into a home can improve the mood of a room, but they come with a problem. Skylights like chimneys will leak if the caulking seal fails and the water will fall through the cracks or gaps that shrinkage creates. That means the slow drip of water entering your home and who knows where the water will end up and what damage it will do. Every six months you should check the caulking seals for your skylights and chimneys and if you spot a problem, call a contractor for a quick fix for a small cost because it beats the alternative.

The community of Tiverton is a village by anybody’s standards but they have a big responsibility when it comes to lighting up on Ontario. The town host’s the Bruce Power plant on the shore of Lake Huron and measured by output, the plant emits the most electrical power in North America.

When residents in the village need some help figuring out their roofing problems they know to call us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a free estimate and home inspection, call us today at 1.877.281.6900. 

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