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Roof Repair in Shallow Lake

The aging process catches up with everybody eventually. In sports, as an athlete ages, the conventional wisdom is that Father Time is undefeated when we talk about eroding skills. We watch the former superstar regress to a point where his or her skill level isn’t up to the professional minimum of whatever leagues they are playing in and then they are displaced by a younger, fresher, cheaper talent that can play the position in a way that the former star can not now. This situation is the death knell for the jock du jour, a retirement that comes too soon – in the eyes of the jock – and a lifestyle change that will have a tremendous effect on the former athlete and many don’t make the transition well. If you’re not a jock, you know about eroding skills – how many times have we had to visit some type of specialist because our eyes are failing or we need dental work to repair teeth that we have been using for 30-35 years. Eye tests seem to the most common need for middle aged people and when your eye sight starts to degrade, glasses, or perhaps surgery is the only option to restore the necessity of sight for an individual. More often than not, glasses are the answer for many of us, and we can have our eyesight restored to 20-20 vision with a prescription for ‘cheaters.’ A couple of things we learn early on when we wear glasses, is first, remember where we put our glasses because it is hard to find them when we can’t see them. The second thing we learn is to take exceptional care of glasses because we can’t see without them and if we break them it takes awhile to repair them. Many people who wear glasses generally have a replacement pair for just such an emergency, but for those who don’t, it is an agonizing experience to be without your glasses. If you have a prescription that says you can’t drive without glasses, you are housebound and if the problem is that bad, you can’t work. In our homes we have many things that can go wrong that we can’t have a backup for, things like windows, doors and a roofing system are all important things around our homes that we can’t plan for. When we need a roof repair in Shallow Lake, it carries the same importance as repairing our glasses. When we have problems that are causing our roofing system to suffer – shingle problems or leaks – we have no way around a roof repair in Shallow Lake and we need to call a contractor for help to make the roof repair in Shallow Lake.

We, at AM Roofing Solutions, stand ready to accept all the challenges any homeowner is facing and we are prepared to affect any roof repair in Shallow Lake. Our professional reputation as the ‘Roof Doctor’ of southwestern Ontario means we can triage any problem and extend a solution to solve the problem through the use of highly qualified staff. This isn’t an approach that was developed over night, it comes from over 60-years experience in the roofing business and our record ‘healing’ roofing systems with a roof repair in Shallow Lake is a 100 per cent success rate. To be able to make that guarantee, our family – three generations and still going strong – are the ability and the initiative to get a roof repair in Shallow Lake done. When they complete a roof repair in Shallow Lake, an added bonus comes with the job – a 10-year labour guarantee – and it is premium service we offer without charge.

Roof repair in Shallow Lake; protect your assets:

  • While a certain level of expertise is required for a roof repair in Shallow Lake, identifying some common problems that cause a roof repair in Shallow Lake requires very little in the way of specialized knowledge. It all starts with a close examination of the shingles if they have damage (cracks, curls) or they are missing, leaving exposed areas of the decking vulnerable to the weather it is time to get some help to your home right away. Sure, you can nail down some shingles to cover the exposed area, but do you know if you have done it right? You might be exacerbating the problem, making a bad situation worse, hence the need for a contractor to cover the problem like a blanket.
  • Another area that will self-identify as a problem on your roof is the valleys that carry water from the top of the roof via the shingles to the rain gutters to be washed away to the downspouts. Valleys must move water quickly and efficiently. If they don’t it will force the water to pool in areas on your roof and water will enter any area there is a crack or a gap and once in the roofing system, it moves until it is stopped. The water can have a dramatic effect on a roofing system, mold and wood rot are two big problems water causes and it means a large financial outlay when the time comes to correct a problem that could have stopped in its’ tracks.
  • Keeping rain gutters in a good state of repair is a necessity that is often lost on a homeowner. The rain gutters aren’t a problem until it is too late – often times the damage water can do is small but it builds over time. Overflow from the gutters can cause water to pool at the base of the foundation of your home or it can impact the fascia or the walls were the overflow is coming from creating damage. Another problem gutters suffer from is damage to the troughs – debris can cause blockage or the debris can pierce the troughs and create puncture holes that will allow water to run freely to the ground compounding a repair.
  • Many homes have had skylights installed on the roof and it makes for great ambiance in a room because you are adding a lot of natural light to the area. But the skylight and to a lesser extend the chimney are a hazard because water can leak in around the base of both items. A strip of caulking is all that stands between water leaking in your skylight or chimney and it needs to be inspected regularly to make sure cracks or gaps don’t open up along the strip.

Shallow Lake is a community that sits in the area of Georgian Bluffs on the Bruce Peninsula. The town sits in the middle of a triangle of three bodies of water, Colpoy’s Bay, Owen Sound and Georgian Bay. It is nice tourist spot that host many, many visitors every year and a lot of those visitors come back year after year.

For a resident in Shallow Lake who has a roofing problem, we would like to extend the invitation of help from our company AM Roofing Solutions. When you have problems and you know you need help, call us today for a free estimate, in-home inspection, and consultation at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Shallow Lake


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