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Roof Repair in Red Bay

For many men, entertainment is summed up in one or two different TV programs and they are home improvement shows or self-help DIY-type shows that demonstrate how a homeowner can take on relatively simple repair jobs without the help of a professional. While these shows demonstrate the basics, they seldom if ever talk about the complexities of home repairs and why it is necessary to hire someone with a wealth of experience and training to affect the repair. The shows make every thing look so simple and if you can't do it should really have a hammer in your hand – that is probably the worst depiction of the shows’ meaning, but you get the point. Not every home repair comes off without a hitch, many times repair work has a complication or two that is beyond the scope of the information a homeowner has and all the how-to videos in the world won’t help get around whatever issue is bedeviling the home handyman. Once started, a home handyman’s ego won’t let him call in an expert and all the hectoring of a spouse won’t change his level of determination to see the project through no matter what it costs in the long run. It opens his judgment to questions, and when you work as a CPA, are you really qualified to install a new bathroom without the help of a qualified professional? The short answer should be a resounding NO and the longer answer should arrive at the same conclusion.

When we notice problems on our roof, do we automatically drag the ladder out of the garage – if we have a ladder, that is, and one that will help us access our roof – to effect a roof repair in Red Bay? Again the answer should be NO, we should be calling a contractor to provide a roof repair in Red Bay and why because they are skilled in all the finer details of a roof repair in Red Bay. The first last and only call to make is to AM Roofing Solutions for any roof repair in Red Bay. Our installers are the best that the area can provide and their work speaks volumes for any one who has had a roof repair in Red Bay. We have a depth of experience in our trade that many of competitors don’t have, we have been in business for over 60 years as a premier roofing company in southwestern Ontario and our work is revered across the area. When we provide a roof repair in Red Bay, our family is one of the key drivers for the project. We have three generations of family manning the ladders, moving shingles and cleaning up debris and it is their commitment to quality workmanship that is our reputation. Once any job we do is complete, we hand a homeowner a 10-year warranty to cover any problems that may arise over the course of time, but generally, we never have to go back for a labour issue on any of our work.

Roof repairs in Red Bay, knowing it is time

  • Your roof may not speak English, it will signal you when it is time for a roof repair in Red Bay. One of the first signs a roof repair in Red Bay is a necessary element to your roofing system’s integrity will be the condition of the shingles. If you see shingles that have curled at the tips, the squared or rounded corners, or they become cracked, your roof needs attention and a roof repair in Red Bay will be all the attention necessary to fix the problem.
  • A roofing system works as an over lay of different systems that are designed to do different things in conjunction with the overall goal to move water away from the roofing system. One of the sub systems is the valleys that are installed on your roofing system to help drainage. With the help of gravity, the valleys gather water and collect it into a trough-like system that helps spirit the water to the rain gutters. The valleys are the movers of water and if they aren’t moving water or aren’t moving water fast enough, the water will accumulate and sit in pools – the problem with water is it needs to drain based on gravity and when it does it might be through the damaged shingles. Once water gets under the shingles it soaks the decking and if it doesn’t dry, mold will grow and the decking will sag creating structural problems within the roofing system.
  • Working with the valleys to drain water are the rain gutters. They run water away from the roofing system to the downspouts and then the ground. The gutters need to free of any blockage or refuse to be effective, and if they aren’t water can cascade over the sides of the gutters pooling on the ground or draining along the side of the house. Problems with cracks or holes in the gutters also pose a set of problems that are best avoided- it might only cost a couple of hundred dollars to replace a rain gutter but it could cost thousands not to. 

Red Bay is a community on the Bruce Peninsula road that runs from the bottom of the Bruce Trail to the top, and like many stops on the road, it is a tourist destination. Many trailer parks and cottages are well established on this frequently traveled road and many family memories have been made in the summer traveling to and from the cottage or trailer. Many of the cottage owners keep their rentals in pristine condition, as word-of-mouth advertising is everything in tourism so when problems arise with the roofs of their cottages they know what to do when they need help.

To get a free in-home inspection that comes with a no-obligation consultation and free estimate a call to AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900 is your best bet to maintain your roofing system.

Roof Repair in Red Bay

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