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Roof Repair in Port Elgin

The dream of home ownership can take a number of different forms with beauty in the eye of the beholder. A handyman’s dream, a move-in ready or a complete gentrification of an older property can be anybody’s idea of home ownership. It doesn’t really matter what you buy, the over-arching condition to all types of residential housing is maintenance. Timely repairs to our property can save thousands of dollars and many headaches if tended to in a timely manner. From repairs to upgrades, our home is our most important investment and it can be the nest egg for our retirement if our responsibilities are adjudicated efficiently. Constant vigilance of internal and external systems is the price of confortable home that protects our loved ones from the elements. The most important feature of home’s exterior is the roofing system, if it isn’t in tiptop shape, damage can occur to other areas of the home and make repairs bills go through the roof. When you notice that you need a roof repair in Port Elgin, AM Roofing Solutions is on guard to protect you most important asset. At AM Roofing Solutions we have 60 years of experience plying our trade as the best roofing company in Central Ontario. We use qualified roofing technicians that have years of experience providing any type of roof repair in Port Elgin and their experience is complemented by industry certification that is current to regulatory standards. Our work stands alone in the roofing industry and we provide the only 10-year workmanship warranty to cover any roof repair in Port Elgin. Detecting roofing problems is an easy task if you know what you are looking for.

Identifying problems

  • Most roofs have a shingle system to cover the exterior of the roof and whether the shingles are asphalt, fiberglass or cedar, they are prone to wear and tear that comes with aging and the impact that weather can have on the shingles. If you notice through a routine inspection of roof that the shingles are starting to curl, crack, lift or are missing altogether a roof repair in Port Elgin can eliminate the problem quickly without costing an arm and a leg. After we have corrected the shingle problem with a roof repair in Port Elgin, we will inspect your attic to determine if there is enough insulation to protect your roofing system. Attic insulation acts as heat barrier for the shingles – if too much heat is released through the decking and the underlay, the shingles will decay prematurely and create a potential water hazard for your roofing system.
  • The valleys of a roofing system act as water collectors to help run excess water to the drainage system. Valleys are created in our roofing systems when two areas of home are joined at the roof and they in turn help stream water away from the roof. If the valleys aren’t moving water quickly and efficiently due to loose shingles or have gaps between shingles a roof repair in Port Elgin can solve the problem and prevent small problems from becoming monster-sized problems.
  • When water runs from the valleys it is sent to the rain gutters and downspouts for release on the ground away from the home’s foundation. If the gutters have debris lodged in them creating damming or the downspouts have leaks a small and easy roof repair in Port Elgin can protect the integrity of the roofing system and keep your home dry for many years.
  • Chimneys, skylights and vents are nice add-ons to a roofing system but they are a troublesome item if they aren’t serviced regularly. The vents, skylights and chimneys are placed into cut in holes on a roofing system and are a sealed watertight with a caulking compound. Weather and age have been known to cause the caulking seals to shrink or crack and when that happens the roofing system is exposed to the slow drip of water into the system without any warning. Re-sealing the vents, skylights and chimneys is an easy roof repair in Port Elgin that will protect a roofing system from the ravages of rain and melting snow.

When the residents on the shores of Lake Huron need a roof repair in Port Elgin they call us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a no obligation consultation and free estimate call us today at 1.877.289.6900.

Roof Repair in Port Elgin

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