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Roof Repair in Pike Bay

Kids always know what the next big thing is, in the 1950’s it was the hula hoop, in the 1960’s it was a skateboard, in the 1970’s it was a mini bike, in the 1980’s it was a Pet Rock, and so on and so on. In the new millennium, kids and adults too, want a drone. The drone, like its’ predecessor the gas powered, string guided, flying, airplane provides a great day’s worth of fun navigating the skies not so high overhead. For kids and adults who grew up with video games, the drone is an ideal toy – it runs off a console that has a joystick for navigation a lot like the role-playing games that kids and adults are so familiar with. Some call drone-flying kite flying on steroids – powered flight – and the difference between a drone and a kite is the attachments you can place on the drone. Cameras have been mounted on the underside of drones by photography buffs; water balloons have been used on ‘bombing’ missions, and drones have been used as a device to help improve home security. Ranchers have adopted the drone as a means of monitoring their herds when they are grazing and it will be real savings in manpower for the rancher. Drones like many products are made of different materials, some are made up of plastic, while other drones are made of sturdier stuff depending on the application that the drone will assume.

But, before you can become a flying ace with your drone you need understand the theory behind flight. It is thrust times lift and you get airborne. In order to get airborne, you need to understand how to get the drone off the ground and navigate it in the air – this can lead to a few incidents that will result in crashes and your new drone will need service to get it airworthy again. Home repairs aren’t generally caused by accidents – though there have been times when a window is broken due to an errant baseball, that is another story altogether. Most of our home repairs come from worn materials or items that have reached their end of service date. When we look at our roofing systems, who can say with any degree of surety that their roof is in good condition.

A roof repair in Pike Bay is discovered when a failure in the roofing system is detected and generally is too late for a small repair. The problem, in a nutshell, is a roof repair in Pike Bay can’t be put off like a drone repair. To keep the problem from spreading a roof repair in Pike Bay is the only way to protect your roofing system from further decline and eventual replacement. Some of us like to take the bull by the horns and make our won roof repair in Pike Bay – but that is never a good idea. If you don’t have a background in roofing, that roof repair in Pike Bay you don't make today could be the roof rip-off you were trying to avoid tomorrow. To keep the costs down and get great results for a roof repair in Pike Bay, you need to entrust the work to a contractor. When you need a roofing contractor for a roof repair in Pike Bay, look no further than AM Roofing Solutions for help. Our service techs are trained in all the best industry practices for a roof repair in Pike Bay and the level of experience that out techs carry is long in duration. Our company has a track record of delivering results for a roof repair in Pike Bay and it is because we have amassed a large body of work over the 60-or-more-years we have been in existence. The charge of our roofing brigade is led by our family – three generations in and still going strong – and the prosecute roofing repairs with extreme prejudice. Once the repairs have been spoken to, our crew will leave a warranty for 10-year duration for the labour administered to complete the work 

Roof repair in Pike Bay, knowing when you need one

  • There is an expression that aptly applies to recognizing roof problems: ‘you can’t see the forest for the trees.’ At a glance, shingles dominate your roofing system, and when you look at them as a group you might not see the shingles that are damaged because there are so many to see. But a closer look will help, checking individual shingles will allow you to identify the ones that are decaying or are damaged and that can help with the decision for a roof repair in Pike Bay. When you see any of the following problems, contact a roofing company immediately: cracked or curled or missing shingles, shingles missing granules, or gaps between shingles that expose the roofing structure are all signs that you need to get help right away. When the shingles are failing they are letting water invade the roofing system and that can mean a bigger repair or worse if the problems are expedited.
  • On a roof, valleys are placed in strategic areas on the roof to help with water drainage – they channel water to the rain gutters for removal from the roof and away from the house. The valleys work with the gutters in unison to move water – the valleys need to have a pitch that will help with water flow and without one the water will pool in and around the valleys, waiting for an opening to gain access to the decking and attic.
  • Gutters move heavy volumes of water during a rainstorm or seasonal snow melt so they must be clean to accept the high volumes of water that need to be dispensed away from the house. Being an open channel, rain gutters will have materials accumulate and it inhibits the flow of water to the downspouts. Overflow is created and the water that should be moved away from the house is now pooling at the base of it and that is a problem for your foundation in the coming months. Regular cleaning of the gutters is always recommended and if you use a roofing contractor to do it, it provides a chance to inspect the gutters to determine if cracks or holes have formed.
  • Sunshine is the light of our lives, and in our homes, we always want more light penetrating our surroundings. Skylights were designed with that in mind and they are great for any room, but they are a problem for a roofing system. They can be prone to leaks when the caulking seal fails – it can crack, shrivel, or shrink and gaps open wide for water to make its’ way in. Chimneys pose the same risk as the skylight – and you should have a contractor check on both occasionally, to make sure the seams of caulking are secure and no water is invading the roof.

Pike Bay sits at the northern tip of Bruce Peninsula on Lake Huron and it is fair weather community. The area has many cottages and campgrounds for recreational visitors to stay at every summer and hosts a great many family activities during the season.

Keeping homes and cottages in great condition is a virtue for many in Pike Bay and when trouble comes, they reach out to the best roofing company in southwestern Ontario. When you need a free roof inspection, free estimate and expert consultation, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Pike Bay

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