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Roof Repair in Mar

Major weather events can wreak havoc on the communities they impact, just ask New Orleans, they are still trying to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina and that was over 10 years ago. More recently, we have seen the devastation a hurricane can cause with the arrival of Hurricane Harvey in Houston and Hurricane Irma in Florida. Billions of dollars in damages have been caused by these weather events and displaced thousands if not millions of people from their homes and workplaces. Eventually, homes and industries will be rebuilt and the catastrophe will but a bad memory for those who survived it. It will certainly give a kick to economic development and that means many tradesmen will be working overtime to rebuild homes and offices affected by the category V hurricanes. For those communities that were in the direct path of the hurricanes when they made landfall, it was complete destruction. If it wasn’t the water that ruined many homes, it was the high winds that blew the roofs off homes and leveled walls down to their foundations. That is the major part of the damage, but let’s not forget the collateral damage that occurs during a hurricane to outlying areas. They may not be in the direct path of the destruction, but they will experience damage nevertheless. Swirling winds and debris flying through the air will leave damage in its wake and homeowners will need to take stock of the damage to see if their homes or buildings can be repaired. The residual damage can be along the lines of broken windows, torn up playgrounds and roofs that have lost some or all of their decking. Weather events of the magnitude of a category V hurricane are few and far between but normal weather events can cause problems for a roofing system.

High winds create problems for shingles and when they have been lifted due to weather events, a roof repair in Mar is the only way to get your roof back to a functional standard. If you have experienced a weather event that has done damage to your roof and it's something that needs a professional for a roof repair in Mar, call us at AM Roofing Solutions to provide the repair. Our company is an industry leader in the roofing game, and when we provide a roof repair in Mar, it will be the quality workmanship of team that brings the roof repair in Mar to a better than satisfactory conclusion. Our tenure in the roofing business surpasses our competition by miles, we have over six decades of dedicated service in our business and when you need a roof repair in Mar you are in good hands. And the good hands who provide the work for a roof repair in Mar are our family – we have three generations who have taken up the trade and their work is well respected in southwestern Ontario. After we finish a roof repair in Mar, we issue a 10-year workmanship warranty as a promise of the quality-workmanship that has been provided.

Roof repair in Mar; get covered:

  • One of the basic problems for a roofing system is a skin covers it – namely shingles – the shingles absorb the brunt of all weather events and the sun is also a problem via UV radiation. These elements cause degradation of the shingles and when that happens it can mean big problems for a homeowner. If you can get on your roof, take a look at the condition of the shingles that cover the decking – if you see signs of erosion – like curling corners, rounded corners, splits or cracks – it means that you need a repair to prevent further escalation of those problems. Let’s not forget, water may be the giver of life, but it also the scourge of a roofing system that depends on dryness to be effective.
  • One way a roofing system is able to stay reasonably dry is through the work that the valleys provide to the roofing system. The valleys take excess rainwater or snow runoff from the roofing system and channel it to the rain gutters. The gutters move the water to the base of the house via downspouts. The most important function of the valleys is to keep water moving – if it is pooling it means that the valleys are failing and that failure means leaks into the roofing system.
  • Working with the valleys are the gutters or eavestroughs, they move the water as we mentioned and their value to the roofing system can’t be taken for granted. If the gutters have refuse sitting in them they will not work as efficiently as they can and the refuse will cause water to run over the channel – and that is water running right down the side of your house. Water will pool at the base of a foundation and if you have a hairline crack in your foundation the water will seep through. Also, it is important to keep the gutters in a good state of repair – cracks or holes will allow water to get to the ground and pool in the area of the leak. Once that happens puddles form and eventually, the water will find a place to go and generally it isn’t where the homeowner needs it to be based on the channeling system.
  • To prevent hazards from becoming risks we need to identify the hazards first. A chimney or a skylight can be considered a hazard for leaks on a roof due to the nature of the insert that is a chimney or skylight is in a roofing system. Chimneys and skylights are set in a roofing system and the only thing that binds both items to the roof is a stream of caulking that is used to keep water out of the house. Caulking, like any other manufactured material is prone to failure when it comes to the end of its’ life or is exposed to the elements over a long period of time. Once a crack or a split develops in the caulking, it is leak waiting for a good rain shower to come. If you don’t see the leak in the room where your skylight is or the water is seeping in the chimney – damage will occur as sure as the sun rises.

Mar is a community sitting on the Bruce Peninsula and it is positioned between two small lakes – Berford and Sky Lakes – and it is a host for tourists who seek to spend time in the great near north. Plenty of outdoor activities await visitors and the rich history of the area is a draw for many.

When problems are afflicting a roofing system in Mar, residents are quick to act when they reach out to us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a no cost meeting, a free home inspection, and a free estimate, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Mar

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