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Roof Repair in Lion's Head

In a four-seasons country like Canada, there are some things we can’t do without. Mittens aren’t just for kittens they are an important part of winter gear for Canadians to meet cold days with. Hats and winter coats are definitely a must-have for residents of the Great White North for protection against the blast that comes to Old Man Winter that creates less than tropical temperatures. We have many devices that were created with the idea that we needed to beat the weather. In days gone by, fireplaces and potbelly stoves doubled stoves to cook meals at and heat generators for the old log cabin where pioneers or settlers lived. The evolution of technology and the discovery of oil and natural gas made those two things obsolete because the furnace was born out of necessity to heat our homes.

Once we could control the climate in our homes they became much more livable and people stayed healthy because they weren’t exposed to the cold weather that made them sick with influenza. This increased the lifespan of the human race, and the development of a heated home with oil or natural gas reduced the risk of fire in a home that depended on an open flame for heat. When our furnace fails, it can be a health risk – when we get too cold as human beings we can experience hypothermia – and it can kill you if can’t warm up. Most times, we can get a service man out to fix our furnace in short order when we have a problem during the winter – and generally, that is when the furnace will fail. Some furnaces need repairs due to old age, others have a part failure that causes the system to shut down or any number of problems can interfere with a furnace’s functions. But what we can’t work around is a furnace that isn’t working and it is critical to get it running right away. Our water pipes depend on a warm environment to operate in – at least above freezing temperatures – so a furnace failure is looked at as crisis when it happens.

When you need a roof repair in Lion’s Head, it should be considered the same kind of crisis. If water can get into the roofing system and freeze, it won’t burst pipes, but it can bubble the decking when ice forms in your attic. It doesn’t have to be winter for problems that cause a roof repair in Lion’s Head to manifest themselves – in the spring or fall, water can get in and instead of freezing it just sits there creating damp spots where mold can grow. If you have black mold growing in your attic or other places in your roofing system, a major roof repair in Lion’s Head will be the direct result to solve the problem. To get a first-rate roof repair in Lion’s Head, you need to hire a roofing company to provide the roof repair in Lion’s Head. Our company, AM Roofing Solutions has the experience and the staff to create a roof repair in Lion’s Head that will keep the water out and replace the materials that have been damaged by the invasion of water into the roofing system. In 60-years of existence, we have seen our share of roofing problems that require a roof repair and our stellar cast of technicians has the experience to meet the challenges of the problems we encounter when our customers need a roof repair in Lion’s Head. To meet the challenges of day-to-day responsibilities, we have three generations of family who have taken up the cause as a profession and when they complete a roof repair in Lion’s Head, we stand behind their work with a 10-year labour warranty.

Roof repair in Lion’s Head, when need meets reality

  • There are many probable causes for a roof repair in Lion’s Head, but the one thing is certain, you can get a raft of information from the shingles on your roof and they are a good indicator of trouble on your roof. Shingles need to maintain a certain level of integrity to work and when the granules on shingles are missing, whole sections of shingles are missing or they crack or curl it means that the time has come for a repair to the roofing system. You want to take care of this as soon as you see it because by the time you notice problems it could already be too late. Water will get into the smallest nooks and crannies and a slight deviation of the shingles due to age or wear means water is getting into your roofing system.
  • Valleys are the great initiator for your roofing system because they catch rainwater or winter snow melt and stream it to the rain gutters for release at the base of the downspouts. Keeping the water moving on a roofing system is one to keep it from pooling in different areas on the roof and if the water is moving it isn’t finding places to invade your home.
  • Water from the valleys is passed off to the rain gutters to get it off the roof and to the ground. They have to be in good condition to meet the challenges of drainage and when they aren’t water will accumulate. You know your gutters are in trouble when you see sticks or branches extending up above the channels or you see leaks, holes of cracks along the base of the gutter tracks or you see puddles or the remnants of puddles around the base of your house.
  • Chimneys and skylights can be troublesome when the caulking that seals them to the roofing system starts to wear. Once the caulking has been compromised through age or damage it allows water to leak into any home. When you have leaks in a skylight they are apparent because you can see it – either a puddle or stains on the floor will be all the information you need to discern a problem. But the chimney is another matter altogether. You can never be sure where the water is going when it leaks in through cracks in the caulking around the base of the chimney are an entry point into the roofing system and when water is making its way through the roofing system it is silently damaging your home.

Lion’s Head is another of the many communities on the Bruce Trail that derives much of its local economy from tourism. Lion’s Head sits on the shoreline Georgian Bay and hosts many outdoor activities like kayaking, canoeing, and fishing to name but a few.

When you realize you need roofing work in Lion’s Head, know that help is but a phone call away. For a no-obligation consultation, in-home roof inspection and free estimate call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Lion's Head

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