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Roof Repair in Leith

We like to hold on to our possessions, we invested good money in them and we want to take advantage of the value that is locked in our things. A little glue here, a splash of paint there, or a stitch or two in the right place and whatever we are repairing is back to a usable condition. Sometimes the old reliable, duct table is enlisted in a repair, and according to Red Green, the infamous northern handyman from the ‘Red Green Show,’ it is the ultimate weapon for a repair of anything. All kidding aside, repairs for household items are the expectation rather than the exception. We don’t want to duct tape our oven door when it doesn’t close correctly, nor do we want a great big strip of duct tape covering a crack on one of our windows, but we do want to repair them when the need arises. Most of us don’t possess the skills to repair an oven or a have the ability to replace a cracked window, so we do what everybody else does; we call somebody. Identifying a need and getting a repairman out to fix a problem are two different things. With the high costs of a replacement looming, the first order of business is how we can economize before we make a large financial outlay to replace a fridge, per se. Some might say this is a miserly way of looking at things, while others will think it is practical to do more with less. But the underlying problem still exists: And that is how do I get a quality repair within my budget. First, you have to determine what the nature of the repair is and what does it cost to fix it – you can’t get your car’s transmission replaced for $69.99 – so you have to be realistic when you budget for repairs.

Taking time to properly research a potential repair for an appliance in our home requires work – but it is the type of sweat equity that can save money in the long run. When one of our major household systems needs work, like a roof repair in Leith, we need to take great deal care that we entrust our roof repair in Leith to. That’s where AM Roofing Solutions come in. Our company is the premier roofing company in southwestern Ontario, bar none, and we have been supplying quality workmanship for a roof repair in Leith – and other communities – for over 60 years. Our success comes from the service techs that provide a roof repair in Leith – they are master craftsmen, who have a great deal of experience that translates into many successful roof repairs in Leith. Over time, like any family businesses, many of the family have taken up the roofing trade and we have three generations who have done so and they work is exemplary. When our company has completed a roof repair in Leith, we provide a homeowner with a piece of security, namely a 10-year workmanship warranty for the work we do. 

Roof repair in Leith, when you know:

  • We may not intrinsically know when we need a roof repair in Leith, but there are some subtle clues that will draw us to problems within our roofing systems. The first sign of trouble is easy to spot, the shingles. Shingles can sustain the weather for only so long, like anything they have a shelf life and when they exceed that life they start to break down. Signs of degradation include but aren’t limited to cracks, curling corners or missing shingles. One problem that is elusive to identify but important nevertheless is the granules on the shingles. If you notice they aren’t consistent on all shingles, it means that some shingles are losing granules. They are important for moving water – when rainwater hits the granules it breaks up and will flow smoothly to the gutters in trickles rather than a sheet of water. It gives the rain gutters a chance to run the water away from under control rather than a torrent. Valleys on a roofing system are important to the overall operation of the system because their function is to move water from the roof to the rain gutters. If they aren't working as required, they will cause water to pool on the roof and leak into the decking and eventually to the attic
  • The rain gutters work with the shingles to move water from the roof to the ground. The gutters must be kept clean to get the maximum benefit – if dead leaves build up or tree branches clog the channel, it won’t perform and will have water overflowing from the channels if there is clog. Certainly, gutters are important to the overall performance of the roofing system and it is important to maintain the structural integrity of the channels. If you see a hole or a crack in the channels, water will leak out the openings and pool on the ground or drain along the outside wall. Water can get in any crack or crevice and if it is allowed to happen you could need more work than you bargained for when you need a roof repair in Leith.
  • The last two big hazards to address on your roofing system are the skylights and chimneys that many homes have on their roofs. Both are extremely functional and provide many benefits for a homeowner, but they can be a leak looking for a place to happen. Both the chimney and he skylight are sealed to your roofing system with caulking and it is an easy roof repair in Leith if you are on top of it early if notice a drip leaking in from the skylight.

Early settlers in Leith came from the British Isles, precisely Scotland and they brought industry and a thirst for a better way of life with them when they immigrated to what was Upper Canada, pre-Confederation. The town is named after the village the immigrants came from to give them a sense of belonging in the new world and the name has been with the town ever since. One thing that Leith can brag on is the sport fishing that draws anglers from near and far to drop a line in the water. ‘Thompson’s Hole,’ boasts the best fishing in the area, it is a deep-water area that has plenty of game fish in its waters and it is where entrants in the Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular spend most of their looking for the ‘big one.’

In Leith, when you need roofing work there is only one company to call and it is us at AM Roofing Solutions. To get a no-obligation meeting, and free in-home inspection, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Leith

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