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Roof Repair in Hepworth

Through an inheritance, you have received a classical guitar from a relative – and you got it because you both shared a love for music. Seeing the old guitar brought back memories of time spent with the relative and the guitar lessons that were part of every visit. Then, you think OUCH! As you remember the blisters you got strumming the guitar learning to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. A belly laugh or two ensues when you remember just how off-key you were playing that song, but it was the perseverance to master the song that gave you the love of music. As you sit and look at the guitar, fond memories of your departed relative flood back into your mind – it is bittersweet experience as you are afflicted by the loss but the happy memories of playing guitar and singing badly flood your mind. As you take the guitar in hand and start to strum out an old country tune, you realize the guitar has seen better days. The frets need work and the veneer on the body of the guitar is starting to lift in a couple of places and you begin to think that the old guitar needs to be retired. But, your memories won’t let you put the old guitar aside and you think that some repair work will restore the guitar to the point where it can a playing instrument is the thing to do. After a what seems like an interminable period of waiting, you get the guitar back from the shop and it plays just like you remember it and your departed relative is smiling somewhere hearing the old guitar play.

Around our homes, we are faced with many repairs that aren’t nostalgic and must be made to keep our home in a good state of operation. A roof repair in Hepworth is something that can’t be ignored – a small roof repair in Hepworth will save a major roof repair in Hepworth tomorrow. Many times roofing problems will take us by surprise and then it is too late – a roof repair in Hepworth is job one with no deviations. To get the best results for a roof repair in Hepworth, call us at AM Roofing Solutions to patch the holes or add shingles to the roofing system to stop the problems that are affecting your home. Our company has been in business for more than 60-years – name one other roofing company that has had that kind of longevity, and you can’t. That is because we are strong on detail, have excellent staff making up our installation and repair teams, and our family has taken an interest in our business from the very beginning. For the past three generations our family has been in Canada they have helped meet the challenges that a roof repair in Hepworth – or any other community we serve - can pose with a high degree of expertise and craftsmanship. Backing up the work is a 10-year labour warranty, and we are one of the few roofing companies to extend that length of term.

Roof repair in Hepworth, what you need to know

  • A roof, like the guitar that was mentioned earlier, will show signs that it needs some attention to get back to premium condition. You can see when the shingles are labouring due to old age or wear and tear withstanding all that Mother Nature has thrown at the roofing system over time. Shingles might be missing, or flapping in a strong breeze and the necessity of a roof repair in Hepworth is preventative maintenance to get the worn shingles off the roof and new ones inserted in their place. The faster this roof repair in Hepworth is done the quicker you stop water from invading the areas that are exposed to the weather.
  • When the valleys on your roofing system stop moving water to the rain gutters or are moving it more slowly that needs be, you know a roof repair in Hepworth is the only option to get this part of your roofing system operation again. The valleys sit at different points in your roofing system and aid in the distribution of water to the rain gutters. Once the water gets there, it is off the roof and to the ground. But there are times when a valley for a number of different reasons isn’t moving water. The decking in the roofing system may have gotten wet due to leaks and is sagging and water pooling is the eventuality in certain spots on the roof. The pools or puddles will release water to any opening available and not necessarily will the water go where it was intended to go.
  • The rain gutters are like the traffic circle on the roof, they help get the water moving without stopping and it creates a flow that will get the unwanted water off the roof in an orderly fashion. Problems can affect the gutters and it starts with trees – leaves that fall from the trees can buildup in the troughs that inhibits water movement. If a rainstorm releases a torrent of water the gutters may not handle the volume of water and it spills over to the side of the house. When gutters are protected they will remain intact and serve a homeowner for many years, but when they have punctures or cracks in the gutters the leaks will cause problems on the ground. Water will travel until it is stopped if the water on the ground moves toward the foundation it will find a crack to leak into.
  • If you have purchased a home with a skylight or chimney or had either installed on the roof, you need to know that they are trouble for a roofing system if that isn't regularly serviced. Checking the brickwork on the chimney and the glass panes on the skylight are a small part of the maintenance necessary to keep both items watertight. You need to visually inspect the seals for both to make certain that the caulking is in relatively good condition. Caulking is a great sealer, but it can shrink or split creating openings for water to find its’ way into your roofing system. If water leakage happens through a skylight you will see it – if it is the chimney it could months or years before the problem is discovered. 

The town of Hepworth sits at the southern tip of the Bruce Peninsula between Georgian Bay and Lake Huron, where summer tourism is the name of the economic game. Accommodations and services are what the town specializes in along with small-town hospitality to make visitors feel welcome.

To keep the cottages and home in great shape for seasonal rentals, the locals call AM Roofing Solutions to protect their investments. For a no-cost meeting, a free inspection, and a free estimate call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Hepworth

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