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Roof Repair in Ferndale

You and the family have just returned home from a vacation – whether you went south in the winter or north in the summer, the vacation was a thing that made memories that will last a lifetime. The bonding has created an organic strength in your family unit that no event can shake and you are all better for it. But, upon arrival home, you notice a window has been broken and your home has been entered by uninvited guests and you feel violated because you home has been burglarized. Certainly, the shock of the burglary and the invasion of your privacy has you slightly shaken, there are practical matters to attend to. The first piece of business on the order paper is getting a glazer to come to your home to repair the window. Then, a call to the local constabulary and the insurance company are sure to follow to deal with the loss of your material goods. You never need a tradesman until you need one and getting right now service is always a problem, tradesmen always seem to be busy at the precise moment when you need, but you wait because the window isn’t going to fix itself. The longer you wait, the greater the sense of urgency you feel to the point of anxiety. Roofing problems can cause the same sense of anxiety when you need a roof repair in Ferndale because your primary asset is exposed to the elements and a roof repair in Ferndale is the only thing that will correct the problem. When problems arise, call us at AM Roofing Solutions to provide a roof repair in Fernadalee and we will correct the problems you are dealing with. Our team has a great deal of experience dealing with the causes of problems that make a roof repair in Ferndale a necessity and their expertise in all things roofing is the greatest asset we have as a company. We learned early on in our tenure that qualified tradesmen were the key to solving problems and after 60 years in the business, our judgment has been validated. The confirmation that is our services are far and away the best that money can buy comes in the form of the labour that is supplied by our family. We have three generations of the clan taking the initiative when it is time for a roof repair in Ferndale and they outshine the competition in everything they do. Once the roof repair in Fernadalee has been completed, we provide a 10-year workmanship warranty, and we have done so since our inception.

Roof repair in Ferndale, the time has come

  • When problems are occurring on your roof, generally, as the homeowner, you are the last to know because we spend so little time on the roof. Does anybody really get up on their roof to watch fireworks or a solar eclipse? Probably not, so the roof, while you notice it, becomes an out of sight out of mind consideration. That is generally when a roof repair in Ferndale demands attention. Most roofing problems start with the shingles, they take a pounding due to their exposure to the elements and their ability to withstand abuse is directly proportionate to the age of the shingles. As shingles age, they develop cracks or start to curl at the ends or they experience erosion at the corners. Those are signs that a roof repair in Ferndale shouldn’t just be considered but acted upon.
  • When the valleys stop moving water from the top of the roof to the gutters it is another clue that you need a roof repair in Ferndale. Valleys keep water from pooling on your roof and if water does start to pool it will need to drain and nine times out of 10 the water ends up in the house. Sometimes the water will come through the decking and into the attic or it may find its’ way to one of the walls that hold up your house and end up in the basement. Either way, it doesn’t matter where the water is draining to – it is still coming in the house and that is a problem that could have unintended consequences and a large financial expenditure if it isn’t stopped right away.
  • The rain gutters could be the silent partners for the valleys on your roof. They accept the water that is coming off the shingles via the valleys and take it to the downspouts for dispersal on the ground. Some common problems that gutters face are clogging, cracks, holes or separation from the house leading to leaks. Once water has an unfettered path it can invade different areas of the home and a repair is certainly in store for a homeowner when any of these problems are detected.
  • We have items on our roof that are recessed in the decking and generally are level to the layer of shingles that cover the roof. For the most part skylights and chimneys are set in roofing systems this way to help with water drainage. But they can be a hazard for a homeowner because these items are sealed with caulking to prevent leaks, the caulking can age and become ineffective. Shrinking and cracking cause gaps in the seals and when that problem makes an appearance it means water will leak into the room or into the roofing system. Unless you see the drips on the floor or stains along the wall you will never know that your skylight or chimney has sprung a leak. This can be calamitous for a homeowner because the silent destruction that the leaks will cause will create a huge financial expenditure that can’t be avoided. If you have a skylight or a chimney, a little preventative maintenance via an inspection of the skylight and chimney will save financial peril later.

Ferndale is a hamlet on the Bruce Peninsula, but it has an interesting characteristic that no other Ontario community has. It is exactly half way between the Equator and the North Pole – and surely the community’s Founding fathers didn’t plan it that way. Most of the area is devoted to farming and when you go to Ferndale it is an interesting experience in hometown hospitality and goodwill.

When homeowners in Ferndale have a leaky roof they know to call us at AM Roofing Solutions for a free estimate, an in-home inspection, and professional consultation. To find out what AM can do for your leaky roof, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Ferndale

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