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Roof Repair in Dundalk

The latest recreational toy is the drone or UAV – unmanned aerial vehicle – and it is causing quite a stir among society. All kinds of privacy concerns have been raised about the toy that can fly to great heights and cover long distances. Drones and UAVs have been used in criminal activities that they weren’t designed to be used for and it is causing problems for law enforcement. But in a practical sense, for the recreational user, it can be a lot of fun – photography is one such hobby drone flyers are partaking in and the pictures are spectacular. Drones have helped locate lost children and spotted trouble in places where humans would have trouble accessing and like the kite before them, they can be flown just for fun. The lightweight, compact, flying whirlygig (to quote my granddad) is just the next big thing to take the world by storm. But, like any toy, it can be subject to crashes due to high winds that blow the drone off course or landing too fast that creates damage to the undercarriage and renders the drone unfit for flight. A cottage industry has exploded in response to the newest toy and repairing a drone is no different than taking your bicycle to the repair shop in days gone by. Prices for drones are about the same as a bicycle, and the more bells and whistles you have on the drone the higher the price for the model. The costs for repairs for drones can be varied – depending on the nature of the repair, like all things, it can be small or large.

Around our homes, we are faced with repairs all the time, and for the most part, the repairs we make aren’t discretionary expenses, they are necessities. A roof repair in Dundalk is a necessity repair due to the nature of the functions of the roofing system. A roofing system controls the movement of water, primarily, and to keep a protective cover over the top of the home. When one or more problems are affecting the drainage of water or the protective covering, a roof repair in Dundalk will need to be made. A roof repair in Dundalk should never be attempted by the unqualified, too many things can go wrong and you may not know that you are making mistakes when you take to the roof to engage in a DIY roof repair in Dundalk. When you know you need a roof repair in Dundalk, calls the experts in roofing at AM Roofing Solutions. We have a high-qualified, competent crew to execute a roof repair in Dundalk and their experience is what gives out service techs the upper hand when dealing with any roof repair in Dundalk. One of the things that our company is famous for is longevity, not only does our work last for years, we have been in business for many years – over 60-years as a matter of fact. You don’t last as long as we have in our business without help and it comes from our family. Since the 1960’s, family members have entered the roofing trade and their work exceeds industry standards for a roof repair in Dundalk. Once the job is complete, we have a 10-year labour warranty for the customer and it is the standard by which the industry has responded to.

Roof repair in Dundalk, know what you are looking for

  • Before you hire someone for roof repair in Dundalk, you need to know why you need one. And it comes from recognizing the problems that cause systems failures on the roof. The shingles stick out as an identifier of roofing problems because there are so many of them on the roof and they perform a first-line-of-defense function. The shingles absorb all the weather abuse that a home feels – it causes shingles to decay under the pounding of storms or wilt under intense heat after many years of exposure to UV rays. The results of this abuse are cracked shingles, missing shingles, or shingles that have rounded corners. Clearly, these are indications that you need help to get your roofing system back to the place where you need it, in A-1 condition. Once gaps and openings are exposed on the roof, water will make its’ way into the top of the house and the water can create all kinds of havoc – from health hazards to structural problems – water needs to be kept out of a home.
  • Working with the shingles to move water off the roof are the valleys, they take water and stream it down the shingles to the rain gutters to drain away from the foundation. If the gutters are having problems moving water – valleys require a pitch to use gravity to move the water – and when the pitch isn’t right or there is a flat spot, water will pool and will be absorbed through holes cracks or breaches in the roofing system.
  • When the water runoff reaches the rain gutters it is moved to the ground through series of downspouts that coordinate the dispersal. The gutters need to be free of any materials that could conceivably impair the follow of water. Generally, every fall after the trees has shed their leaves a homeowner should get up on his roof to clear the gutters. In some cases, where a roof is extremely steep, you will need the services of a roofing company to help clear the debris. It will afford an opportunity for an inspection of the channels of the rain gutter system to determine if there are any cracks or holes that will limit its’ efficiency.
  • Natural light is the newest thing a homeowner can add to his home and it comes from a skylight – great design accent – but it is a problem for a roofing system. Skylights and chimneys are a potential water leak hazard in the home because of the way they are set on the roof. Both items are sealed to the roofing system with caulking – a great sealant – but it wears, will shrink or crack after many years of exposure to the outdoors. Periodic inspections of your skylight and chimney will help keep potential damage to a minimum and is never a bad time to have a contractor look at both items.

The village of Dundalk might have had an identity crisis like many towns, villages, and hamlets across Ontario. Originally, the town was known as McDowell’s Corners and they hold the distinction as the highest elevated, populated town in southern Ontario. The town has a smattering of factories that are surrounded by many farms that still grow crops after 200 or more years and they have many Heritage Buildings that are still standing in the community.

For a roof repair, the residents in Dundalk know to make contact with us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a free estimate, roof inspection, and free consultation, call us today at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Dundalk

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