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Roof Repair in Chesley

One of the family members has decided to downsize and they are starting to divest themselves of material goods that seen better days and become a millstone to transport to smaller accommodations. Certainly, the attic contains treasures great and small for the family to rummage through, but for the most part, local social agencies will be the recipient of most of the possessions to re-purpose them and give the charities a financial shot in the arm. Lots of furniture to be moved, household appliances that won’t be necessary in another place along with other sundry items that were accumulated during a life well lived will be packed and shipped. One problem, our relative was a former piano teacher and a 9000lb piano needs to be moved. Many of the family members have declined to take it for a variety of reasons. It is too big, doesn’t fit the décor or it is out of tune and needs some repair work to get it to the point where playing it isn’t reminiscent of the sound of scorched cats. But, there are a lot of memories at the keyboard, family sing-alongs, learning to play Chopsticks and that infuriating sound of a metronome to help with pace of play. You know your wife is going to kill you for taking the piano and sending out for a repair, but there are some things in life that just don’t belong on the scrap heap.

When we consider our options for home repairs, seldom do we think to scrap it and in the case of a roof repair in Chesley, you can’t just scrap your roof because it needs work. We call a contractor for a roof repair in Chesley because the alternatives aren't financially palatable, so we will get the contractor to complete the roof repair in Chesley and live to fight another day. When you have no choice but to hire a contractor for a roof repair in Chesley, reach out to us at AM Roofing Solutions to get the job done. Our company has been in business for over 60-years and the reason we have had such a long run is that we employ the best talent in our business and they have skills that far and away surpass the competition when a roof repair in Chesley comes a calling. As a family business, we take great pride in the fact that three generations of the clan have chosen to follow in the family footsteps and it is their commitment and contribution that makes our work outstanding. When all is said and done on-site, the last formality of the job will be satisfied and that is a 10-year warranty for the labour that was provided to complete the roof repair.

Roof repair in Chesley, hitting the right notes

  • First things first, when you need a roof repair in Chesley, you need a contractor to provide the work unless you are a roofer by trade. But if you were a roofer you would already be on top of a roof repair in Chesley and have no need of help. But most of us are not, so we need to rely on what we see to tell us that we need a roof repair in Chesley. The shingles will provide the first piece of information – if they are worn (missing granules) or have curled or cracked areas in the shingles it is time to get somebody on the up the ladder for a roof repair in Chesley. Once you have exposed areas of breaches in the skin (shingles) water can make its way through the roofing structure to the detriment of your home.
  • Valleys were installed in a roofing system for one specific purpose and that is to move water from the roof proper to the rain gutters via the shingles. The shingles need to be in good repair and valleys need to have defined plane to get the rain runoff to the gutters. If the roof is sagging or the valleys are slightly off it could cause water to move to places other than the rain gutters and that means problems for the roofing system. Pooling water will find an opening to enter your home and it isn’t the first few drips but the constant assault of water attacking the decking that becomes the problem. Once the decking has been infected with wood rot, entire panels will need to be removed all because you didn’t repair the valleys on your roof when you had the chance to.
  • To keep the rain gutters running the best they can, they need to free from any type of material buildup in the channels. Timely clearing of leaves in the fall will help with that as will removal of tree branches when you see them sticking up over the channels. Birds have been a threat to rain gutters because they will nest in the gutters and cause blockage and water will spill over the sides of the gutters. Pooling water anywhere is a problem – and around foundations is the worst all places it can accumulate. Roof repairs are an expensive proposition is left too long; a foundation repair is twice the price if you don’t keep your roofing system functioning.
  • Many homes were built with a chimney and that can be a trouble spot for a roofing system and if you have a skylight it is double the trouble. Both are attached to the roofing system with caulking and it is important to re-seal the chimney or skylight regularly because caulking doesn’t last forever. Re-caulking the skylight and chimney is a cheap repair that takes a small amount of time and effort, and when you have a contractor doing it gives you chance to find out what else might need to be done going forward.

Chesley’s slogan is ‘The Nicest Town Around,’ and the warm and friendly folks who live there is a testament to the slogan. The town grew up on the banks of Saugeen River and exploded when the Grand Trunk Railway laid track through the community. The town has many factories that were founded in the early, halcyon days and they still produce goods for market.

When the congenial residents need to get their roofing problems under control they know that help is just phone call away. For a free assessment of your roofing system, that comes with a no-obligation meeting, and free estimate call us today at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Chesley

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