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Roof Repair in Annan

Just when you thought that the three pillars of conservation – renew, reuse, recycle – had been exhausted, along comes a company that will help with barbeques. That’s right, barbeques have their own repair network and many homeowners are taking advantage of the service. The service is exclusively for gas or propane equipment and with a few turns of a wrench or Allan key a repair can be made for pennies on the dollar for a replacement barbeque and it is back to the grill searing up your favorite chop, steak or burger. For the uninitiated, barbequing is a four-season event – how many times have we seen the barbeque enthusiast in the neighbourhood standing beside the grill in a blinding snowstorm frying up his latest creation from the kitchen. Make no mistake, if the barbeque bug has bit you there is no turning back and three times a week, whether you need it or not, you will be dining on the succulent fish, fowl or meat du jour. Sure, it is great to hop on the Internet, go a website and order parts to repair your barbeque, but many time home repairs aren’t so simple.

A roof repair in Annan is one repair that isn’t so simple and when the time comes for a roof repair in Annan, you will need help to achieve the right results. Locating a roofing contractor for a roof repair in Annan is the first item on the to-do list and why because we as homeowners specialize in something else other than roofing for an occupation or career. Certainly, money can be a driving factor when it comes time for a roof repair in Annan, but it never should be. A roof repairs in Annan should be about what it achieves not what is costs because costs are relative. If you go short on a roof repair in Annan now, you can expect a hefty repair bill later to cover what wasn’t done during the current roof repair in Annan. Hiring someone to provide the necessary we work we need around our house means locating the best possible company for a roof repair in Annan. Look no further than AM Roofing Solutions, we are an industry leader in the roofing business and we have the record to prove it. After 60-years walking pitched, and flat roofs we have learned a few things and the first is quality is job one, and that is guaranteed by our family. For three generations, our family has come into the family business and their work shines with every job they do. Once the work is complete, we issue a 10-year warranty for labour for the work we have done making the repairs the roof needed.

Roof repair in Annan, taking care of business

  • When you take the time to look your roofing system over the first place that will draw your attention is the shingles, as they are the most abundant materials on the roof and they will be the first to sustain damage. When shingles become warped, cracked, or curled a roof repair in Annan is inevitable. The shingles are the thin skin that keeps everything dry and free of water – it is the worst of all possible situations when the shingles become compromised because the propensity of water leakage is greatly enhanced when the protective covering has been breached.
  • Working in tandem with the shingles and other elements of the roofing system is the valleys; the primary focus is to get water to the rain gutters across the shingles from a higher point on the roof. The valley was created to catch water and stream it to the gutters. The valley needs to have a crisp angle to help draw the water to the gutters and slightly tilted to get the water flowing. Valleys can be susceptible to flat spots that appear on a roof – the flat spot comes from water penetration in the roofing system and wet wood will sag under the weight of the roof. That is how a flat spot is created and when it allowed to stay flat – water will pool in the area and find a way into the interior roofing system, like the decking or even into to the attic. If water makes contact with insulation in your attic it will force the insulation to flatten out and the air pockets that provided the insulation for attic will be gone.
  • As a partner in water control on the roof, the rain gutters get the water off the roofing system and to the ground through a network of downspouts that will trail the water away from the house. It is mission critical for the gutters to be working at 100 per cent efficiency to get the water off the roof. Common problems for the rain gutter system centre on debris buildup and structural integrity of the channels. In the fall, leaves ended up on the ground and in rain gutters – oddly enough – and it takes some time to clear the gutters to keep the water from spilling over clogged gutters. A sensible decision is to have a roofing contractor come to clear the gutters and while he relieving the gutters of the excess mess, he can check to see if there are cracks or pinholes in the gutters that can become big problems later if not fixed now.
  • A room with a skylight is a room with a great deal of sunlight beaming in and it is usually a great place to rest and recreate. The downside of a roof with a skylight is that it is at risk of water damage if the caulking fails. Caulking is used to seal the area around the skylight to the base of the roof after installation. Caulking is a great waterproofing material, but its lifespan can never be set in stone. Caulking will react to the forces that impugn it and the weather can make caulking recede, crack or disappear leaving a gap for water to find its way into the room where the skylight is. If you have a leak in the skylight, a good rainstorm will alert you to the problem because there will be watermarks somewhere or a puddle in the room. Chimneys, on the other hand, represent a silent danger to the roofing system – when a chimney leaks you may not know until something else happens that is related to the leak. Again, a chimney will leak if the mortar for the bricks has worn away or a caulking problem has arisen and you need professional help at that point.

Annan is part of small group of communities that encompass Meaford and is located on the shore of Nottawasaga Bay, a sub-basin of Georgian Bay in Bruce County. The area is well-known for tourism and has some beautiful vistas of Lake Huron that can be viewed at sunset.

When you think you might some problems with your roofing system, but aren’t sure how to proceed, contact us at AM Roofing Solutions and tell us what you have discovered. For a free estimate, no cost meeting, and a free home inspection call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Annan

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