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Roof Repair in Allenford

If any of your personal possessions somehow becomes unusable or unsuitable for the purpose you are using them for due to age or decay, would seek to repair them to get them back a performing asset or would you purchase something new as a replacement? In most cases, people, by and large, will seek to repair whatever it is that is broken or won't function at peak efficiency as a means to get full value from the possession or the asset that is incapacitated. It can be a complex problem that is filled with a number of different dynamics that will influence a decision and it involves extending the life of whatever we need to repair as the final detail that will need to consider. It boils down to this: Is it worth it to fix something that is broken that may have outlived its usefulness or is a replacement more viable economically. Certainly repairing a depreciated asset may restore some value to the asset, it won’t recover the price of a new asset and it takes the wisdom of Solomon to balance the decision. In most cases, according to the magazine Consumer Reports, an individual should apply the 50 per cent rule to any repair versus replace decision. Simply stated, the 50 per cent rule means that is the cost of a repair is worth than 50 per cent of the asset’s current value, a repair is not the best way to go. But when we think about repairs around our home, appliances come to mind, the 50 per cent rule may not be a choice we can make due to financial pressure, an inability to locate the right replacement, or the familiarity of the appliance relative to the comfort of the user. In a larger sense, a roof repair in Allenford is always more preferable than a replacement due to the sunk costs that come with new a roof in comparison to the costs of a roof repair in Allenford.

A roof repair in Allenford can extend the life of your roof – that is a given – and better to spend a little now than a lot later. Because eventually, you know you may have to put money into your roofing system, the preventative maintenance you do now means less in costs later because the nature of the replacement costs will be a lot less. If you keep water from leaking into your roofing system with a roof repair in Allenford, it means the integrity of roof will be preserved – the benefits come in the replacement costs.

When you have discovered that you need a roof repair in Allenford, AM Roofing Solutions will come to your aid and install a quality roof repair in Allenford at your home. Our service techs represent one our greatest strengths, they have a great deal of knowledge and expertise and you can’t sell that institutional knowledge short. When they arrive at a home to perform a roof repair in Allenford, the problems they encounter are expected are not a surprise. This helps get the work done right, on time and on budget with a solution that will be functional and sturdy. Over 60 years in, and we are a going concern in our business, and we attribute our success to our family. For three generations our family has taken up our trade and they provide the best service in southwestern Ontario and that doesn’t come by accident, it is a commitment. When we finish your roof repair in Allenford, we have a warranty that is for a 10-year period as part of our commitment to quality workmanship that our customers expect from us.

Roof repair in Allenford, no time to waste

  • One way you can find out if you need a roof repair in Allenford is to check out the condition of the shingles on your roof. If they show signs of wear like cracks, curled corners or are completely missing, the time has come to take corrective action. If water is allowed to breach the skin of your roof – the shingles – it has direct access to your attic through the decking. Once water gets in it can cause a health hazard due to mold growing in damp areas or could cause your insulation to settle. If your insulation settles it won’t be able to keep heat in and cold out because the air pockets insulation uses to hold heat will be depressed by wet materials.
  • Working in partnership with the shingles are the valleys that separate different levels of the roofing system. The job the valleys perform is to move water from the top of the roof to the shingles and then to the rain gutters. If your valleys can’t or won’t move water for whatever reason, it means the water is stagnant and has to go somewhere – and you guessed – into your home through any cavity, crack or hole it can penetrate. If your shingles are failing, the valleys will eventually channel the water right into your attic so you need to keep both elements in good condition to keep water out.
  • Rain gutters receive the runoff water from the valleys via the shingles and they need to be in excellent condition to keep up with the runoff. Debris is the curse of the rain gutters, build up will slow the flow of water and that creates overflow problems with the gutters. Once again, water will make its way into your home through leaks in the side wall that the overflow is running down or cause pooling around your foundation and that is another likely place for a leak to start.
  • Skylights and chimneys need to be monitored for the integrity of the seals that join them to the roofing structure. A less than a one-inch seam of caulking is all that stands in the way of water leaks in your skylight or chimney, and caulking doesn’t last forever. You need to keep an eye on both items – leaks in a skylight can be detected inside the house, but a chimney is an entirely different story – so periodical inspections of the seals of the skylights and chimneys is one way to eliminate surprises.

Residents in Allenford who want to check in their roofing systems health know that help is just a phone call away. To get a free, in-home inspection that comes with a no-obligation meeting and free estimate call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Allenford


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