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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Wiarton

The Devil is in the details and the more complicated our lives become the more details we have to deal with. From the smartphone in our hand to the computer in our home office, keeping these systems running means you need an advanced degree in IT. Funny thing though, the more some things have changed, the more others have stayed the same. Roofing products have been developed and adapted to fit certain climates, but in essence, the function of a roofing system has remained the same. Maintaining a warm and dry environment that is sheltered from the elements has been a roofing system’s job since humans invented shelter. An eavestrough replacement in Wiarton, a fascia replacement in Wiarton and a soffit replacement in Wiarton will help keep your roofing system working and protect your family.

When problems are affecting your roofing system’s ability to perform its work, call us at AM Roofing Solutions to get the work done that your roofing system needs to be effective.

Eavestrough, fascia, and soffit – manning the ramparts


  • An eavestrough – for the uninitiated – moves water that collects on the roof and moves it to the downspouts and then away from your home. The best part of an eavestrough is also its biggest weakness – an open channel to collect the water for distribution. Not only does the channel collect water, but collects anything else that flies around in the air. Debris of wet leaves will clog an eavestrough reducing its effectiveness for drainage. Once you have junk in the channels an eavestrough repair in Wiarton is a quick and easy way to get the water moving again and won’t cost a princely sum for the repair. In the event that damage has been caused by the debris and excess water, an eavestrough replacement in Wiarton will become the necessary evil it will take to get the system running again. Water will back up when buildup occurs in the channels and then it is over the sides of eh gutters if there is no place for the water to go. An effective rain gutter is important to a stable roofing system and a rain gutter repair in Wiarton will help that venting of water from the roof. A rain gutter replacement in Wiarton will be the direct result if you don’t get on top of the problems early and it comes at an increased cost to the consumer.


  • The fascia is a strip of lath wood that runs around the diameter f the entire roof and it closes a gap between the roof and decking underneath the eavestrough. Made of wood, wood rot is a constant threat to the fascia and it gets worse when the channels are full of water and splashing over the sides and down the fascia. Once the rot has taken hold, a fascia repair in Wiarton can be a satisfactory solution if the rot has infected the entire strip. That is something of a lucky break if prevalent, but in the main, many contractors will recommend a complete replacement and a fascia installation in Wiarton is probably better to keep the rot at bay with new trim. The fascia is the victim of another problem not of its own making and the problem starts in the attic. In the category of unintended consequences, poor insulation will provide the avenues for more damage. Poor insulation leaves an attic prone to overheating – the heat comes from the house and it helps melt snow on the roof, all good so far. When the temperature drops are when the problems start, freezing water makes ice dams and they will get into the areas between the eavestrough and the roof – moving the eavestrough away from the side of the house. In the spring, this opening is a drainage nightmare, as water will move down the side of the house – not to mention the damage to the fascia as the gutters are pulled off their fasteners.


  • Getting fresh air into the interior of your roof is what the soffit does and it is as important as any roofing system – probably more so when you think of the implications that a damaged interior roof will be. Because our home release hot air to the roof, warm, moist air can settle in the attic. The soffit counteracts this by sending fresh air through the small holes in the decking to the attic and onward to the vents and out of the house. If you notice a slight elevation in attic temperature, you probably have some dirt in the holes in the soffit and a soffit repair in Wiarton will help get the fresh air circulating again. If the problem is greater than just s few plugged holes a soffit installation in Wiarton should be taken immediately. Here is why you soffit is so important: as previously mentioned hot, moist air will travel to the attic. When it gets there, the dry wood – trusses and joists – will surely absorb the water vapour. That will reduce their structural integrity and cause a bow or a sag in the roof’ supports – then an engineer, a contractor to rebuild the supports and roofing contractor will be needed to correct the problem.

When you talk to us at AM Roofing Solutions, we would like you to know that our experience and our staff is what has made us great for over 60-years. We can make your eavestrough replacement in Wiarton, your fascia replacement in Wiarton and your soffit repair in Wiarton last for many years and all our work is covered under our 10-year workmanship warranty.

Contact us at AM Roofing Solutions if you have any of the symptoms of an ailing roof and we will take care of you. For a free estimate, a no-obligation consultation and free estimate, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Wiarton

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