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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Tobermory

Before all the modern conveniences of the 21st century maintaining a home was relatively easy and reasonably inexpensive. But, we have had our world turned upside down with the latest gizmo and bauble that substitutes new technology for old. A roofing system isn’t one of those updates, most roofing systems are the same as they were 50 years ago, we have seen an update in materials, but the systems still work the same to move water off the roof. When the systems need repairs or upgrades an eavestrough replacement in Tobermory or a fascia replacement in Tobermory or a soffit replacement in Tobermory will be required from time to time. When the need is acute, call us at AM Roofing Solutions to get the repair or replacement you need to keep your home functioning at optimal performance.

Eavestrough, fascia and soffit, moving water


  • To begin to understand the functions of a roofing system, you need to look at the parts of the system to understand the sum of their value. The eavestrough is the water mover for the roof; rain comes from the top of the roof and is sent to the eavestrough and then through the downspout system to the ground. Open channels are the reason that an eavestrough works, and when they become filled with who knows what, their contribution will be reduced. Once the material has been detected in the channels an eavestrough repair in Tobermory will get the water to the ground. If the channels have been damaged by debris, an eavestrough replacement will be the result. Keeping rain gutters in good shape is problematic because they are exposed to the elements and flying debris – a rain gutter repair in Tobermory is one way to eliminate the problem. If the harm is too much for a repair a rain gutter replacement is an agenda item that will see the light of day.


  • Holding the eavestrough steady to the side of the house is fascia - it is a long strip of wood or an aluminum-sheathed strip of wood that is attached to the underside of the eavestrough. It closes the gap between the roof and the decking and it keeps water outside the house. If water is spilling over the channels of the rain gutters the fascia is the first point of contact – overexposure will result in wood rot and a fascia repair in Tobermory may provide relief. If the wood rot is too severe, a soffit installation in Tobermory will need to be undertaken to keep water from invading the inner roof. The second problem the fascia faces comes from the attic and it is in the form of poor insulation. If hot air is allowed to makes its way to the attic it will heat up the outer roof – the shingles – and snow will melt. That is a good thing, right? Yes and no, moving water off the roof is good, but when the water re-freezes, ice dams are found on the roof and an ice dam can force the gutters away from the fascia.


  • You might never think that roof needs to breathe, but it does – not that it is a living organism, but the fresh air works to the advantage of the roof. We heat our homes to keep warm, but the heat has to go somewhere – usually to the attic. Since we can't have heat accumulating in the attic, we need a fresh air return and that comes from the soffit. It is a panel that is affixed underneath the fascia and has holes punched in it to allow air to get to the attic. Once fresh air hits the attic it will push the hot air out the vents you have installed on your roof for ventilation. When dust or dirt flies around it can find a home in the holes of the soffit creating the need for a soffit repair in Tobermory. You’ll notice that you need work done on the soffit because the temperature in the attic is rising every time you check it. If the temperature is too warm a full-fledged soffit installation will be the best course to take because you don’t want to fry your shingles or let the moist, warm air impact your wooden supports for the roof.

When you have deemed that our company will provide the work you need, we would like to inform you that the choice is a good one. Our record in the business – more than 60-years – is surpassed by our skill in the trade. An eavestrough replacement Tobermory, fascia replacement in Tobermory or soffit replacement in Tobermory will come with a warranty for workmanship that is 10-years long and we have been providing that warranty since we entered the roofing business. For a free estimate, a no-cost assessment and free inspection, call out office at AM Roofing Solutions today to book your private consultation at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Tobermory

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