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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Pike Bay

Depending on where you live, the weather can be a curse or a blessing, but whatever the weather it creates challenges for home maintenance. If you live in a sun-splashed climate, the sun will be your curse as it bleaches everything it shines on. Conversely, if you live in a country like Canada, temperature change and inclement weather is the curse that affects our homes. Heavy weather will cause an eavestrough replacement in Pike Bay, a fascia replacement in Pike Bay and a soffit replacement in Pike Bay and there is no avoiding it. When trouble comes to your roofing system, we at AM Roofing Solutions are well prepared to handle the challenges of the job with our well-developed ability and expertise.

How to make a roofing system work, and what stops it from working


  • To get water off the roof you need a system in place to assume the chore and make the drainage of water a simple and easy task that won't hurt other parts of the house. It begins at the eavestrough – water rolls down the shingles and to the eavestrough to take through a network of downspouts to the ground. From time to time, the eavestrough will have material deposited in as an open face channel – the one real drawback of the eavestrough. When the need arises for an eavestrough repair in Pike Bay to get the clogs out it should be taken immediately to prevent further escalation of damage to the eavestrough. Branches and other materials can prick the channel and the weight of the wet leaves combined with the excess water accumulating in the channels because it can't drain will cause an eavestrough replacement in Pike Bay. You can’t move water through cracked or punctured channels and that is why you need to keep the rain gutters working well. A rain gutter repair in Pike Bay keeps your home dry and the areas around the gutters free of water that shouldn’t be flowing there. If you ignore the water running over the sides of the rain gutters and to the ground you are risking increased costs and a larger job to get the gutters working right, and that means a rain gutters replacement in Pike Bay.


  • At the base of the eavestrough exists a wooden lath strip to close the gap that exists between the eavestrough and the decking on the roof – the fascia – and it keeps water out of the roofing system. Some fascia is sheathed with an aluminum strip to protect the wood from water damage, some are not – but if you have water running over the rain gutter channels it will be a matter of time before the fascia feels the effects of the damage that is being created. A fascia repair in Pike Bay will need to be enacted to prevent wood rot and mold – the byproducts of water damage – from spreading along the fascia strip and into the roofing system. A fascia repair can stop the rot from spreading but you need to catch it early, like any infection. Otherwise, you will need a fascia replacement in Pike Bay because the rot has spread beyond a repair’s capacity to fix the problem – in the final analysis, it is better for a full-fledged replacement because you won't be worried that you didn’t get the rot and you have it continue to spread down the fascia strips. Another problem that the fascia has to deal with that it didn’t cause is melting snow on the roof. The snow melts because the attic is too warm – poor insulation is the cause – the air will filter its way to the attic and warm the decking and the shingles creating conditions for the snow to melt. The water runs down to the eavestrough where it will harden as an ice dam when the temperature cools. The dams make the gutters pull away from the fascia and now you have three problems for the price of one. A top-up of new insulation for the attic, a repair for the gutters that hanging from the fascia and the fascia itself where the gutters have pulled from.


  • Keeping the soffit working is child’s play – keep the panels that house the ventilation chambers free of impediments or dust and dirt and fresh air to the attic is assured. When the attic isn’t getting a healthy dose of fresh air the temperature will rise like the sun in the East. Moist, warm air is what your home release to the attic when hot air rises – then the vapour will become embedded in the wood in your attic like the joists, rafters or decking. A soffit repair in Pike Bay to keep the holes open will spare your roofing system form major repairs if you are monitoring your roofing system. The temperature change and water vapour are subtle when we think about the attic and that fact means we could miss crucial clues to the extent of the trouble into the attic. That will be the cause of a soffit installation in Pike Bay to stabilize the environment and dehumidify the air in the attic. Wood rot and mold will cause untold damage to your roofing system supports – if have seen a house that has a bowed roof, you know they didn’t repair the soffit when they had the chance.

When you need an eavestrough replacement in Pike Bay, a fascia replacement in Pike Bay or a soffit replacement in Pike Bay you should be aware that when entrusting the work to us at AM Roofing Solutions, we have over 60-years experience behind to provide the work. Once one or all three replacements have been completed we will issue a 10-year labour warranty for our workmanship as our commitment to quality work.

Don’t let roof repair saddle with large bills contact us at AM Roofing Solutions at the first sign of trouble and we will get the problems off the roof pronto. For a no-obligation consultation, a free estimate and free inspection call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.  

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Pike Bay

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