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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Paisley

Not many homeowners get on their roof to see if there has been water damage done to it, but it makes sense to have somebody look at it. A layman may not detect problems but a professional can; a sharp eye for the eavestrough, fascia and soffits should be part of the contractor’s stock and trade. If you roofing systems are failing an eavestrough repair in Paisley, a fascia repair in Paisley and a soffit repair in Paisley should help the three coordinate their work when in tip-top condition. Reaching out to us at AM Roofing Solutions will go a long way to erasing the problems that the eavestrough, fascia, and soffits are sustaining due to inclement weather and you never want to try a repair like this alone – it will only make things worse in the long run if you can’t direct water runoff to the right destination. Too, DIY solutions don’t come with a 10-year labour warranty like ours do and it is a point to consider before you try anything.

A roofing system is an integrated operation for water drainage


  • The eavestrough, fascia, and soffit have defined roles for their work in the roofing system and they need be working in a triumvirate to be successful. Starting at the eavestrough, this is the intersection of your roofing system, water is sent here and needs to be moved to the ground – downspouts do that job. The very nature of how an eavestrough is contracted is its downfall so to speak. Open channels collect debris and the debris is where the trouble starts. It affects the flow of water and if it too dense in the channels it causes water to spill over the channels and to the side of the house. The extra weight can force the channel away from the fascia to – hence the necessity of an eavestrough repair in Paisley for debris removal. If the eavestrough has a gap an eavestrough installation in Paisley should be administered immediately to keep water from penetrating the surface walls of your home.


  • In the middle of the three-part system that governs our roofing system is the fascia that is attached to the roof just under the eavestrough. The fascia primary function is to keep water out of the roof and it made with wood or aluminum-clad for protection. If you are having gutter problems and water is spilling over the side, you can bet that the fascia will inevitably take the hit from water damage. Wood rot is the take away from this situation and a fascia repair in Paisley might be a way to correct the problem once the gutters are taking care of. But, as mentioned previously, wood rot can run the length of the fascia and a fascia installation will be in the offing when the true extent of the damage is discovered. Another problem that the fascia has to deal with is beyond its control. It starts in the attic; a lack of insulation or poor insulation will cause snow to melt in the winter and ice dams to form when it re-freezes later. The dams will push the eavestrough from the fascia – damage was done – but the critical takeaway is that water will pout through the gap to the ground bypassing the downspouts for release. Depending on the damage, a fascia repair in Paisley might just save your bacon, but to be on the safe side a fascia installation in Paisley is more what is required here.


  • In our attic, we need a constant flow of cool air to help regulate temperature in the attic and force the warm, moist air out through the vents. This is an absolute necessity for the roofing system inside the attic, warm moist air will harm joists and rafters and two things come from the exposure. Wood rot and mold are the key indicators of the problem with the soffit and a soffit repair in Paisley might help if the air-return problems are small. If not a soffit installation in Paisley may be the only thing that gets the roof breathing again and preventing vapour and moisture damage to the roof. For most homeowners, they would like to err on the side of caution when approaching roofing problems and soffit installation is one of those places where the installation is more important than the repair for long-term term roofing health.

When we take on a roof repair we take a good look at what needs to be done and set about the business of completing our task. For an eavestrough in Paisley, a fascia installation in Paisley and a soffit installation in Paisley is part of expertise at AM Roofing Solutions.

To get one our representatives to visit your home for a free estimate, a free roofing system inspection and no-cost meeting, all our office today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Paisley

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