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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Owen Sound

Roofing systems take a pounding in a four season country like Canada, we have some of the most inclement winters in North America, probably because we have such a large land mass and a wide range of mass of land that we get unreasonable weather from. A roofing system uses a number of different components to be effective and we need to keep out roof repairs up to date to get the most out of roofing system. When you have been made aware that you need an eavestrough repair in Owen Sound, AM Roofing Solutions can help with any repair you need. Our experience in the business is unparalleled and we can create solutions that stop the problems that are affecting your eavestrough, soffit, and fascia. When the rain gutters need help we can provide a rain gutter repair in Owen Sound that will take care of the annoying details. When a rain gutter replacement in Owen Sound is necessary to solve some of the bigger problems that are hurting your drainage system we are there for you.

How a roofing system works

  • In a roofing system, the drainage system is the key to protecting your roofing system, and when we talk about the eavestrough, there a few things that can afflict the system that will impair its ability to service the needs of the roofing system. The material buildup in the channels, pinholes or cracks, or eavestrough has come loose; all affect the eavestrough’s ability to function. When these problems are ignored, an eavestrough repair in Owen Sound will be required to improve the system’s ability to work. Water will back-up in the eavestrough and when it does it is only a matter of time before it makes its way over the sides of the channels creating pockets of water below. That is the time for an eavestrough repair in Owen Sound to stop the accumulation of water that will pool around the foundation. If problems have been left to fester too long an eavestrough installation can be on the menu to get the system back to where you need it to be. The big reveal for problems with the eavestrough will be water stains on the side of your house, and that should drive an eavestrough installation in Owen Sound as a matter of course, to protect the system form water damage.
  • The fascia is the protective layer that keeps water and vermin out of your attic and it can be made of wood or aluminum clad wood. The fascia works as a shield for the opening between the roof system and the exterior. Many times a fascia repair in Owen Sound can prevent the leakage of water into the roof – but you can’t always depend on a repair to solve the problem. If that is the case, a fascia installation in Owen Sound is the next step to a complete solution for the problem. Most fascia lath strips are made of wood and because they are made with wood they will rot after prolonged exposure to water and the need for a fascia installation in Owen Sound becomes relevant. The fascia replacement in Owen Sound that we will install is guaranteed by a 10-year workmanship warranty that comes with all our work.
  • Vents on your roof and the soffit work together to regulate the temperature in your attic. When you have temperature fluctuations and it is the result of a faulty soffit, a soffit repair in Owen Sound is the first place to go to get the thermometer stabilized. A soffit repair in Owen Sound may not be able to correct the problems or damage that the soffit has sustained and more work may need to be done. The soffit is found under the eavestrough, and it has ventilation holes installed to help air movement into the attic, and it is drawn out the vents. The critical function of the soffit cant be underestimated, it helps remove warm, moist air from the attic and keeps interior attic temperature close to outdoor temperatures. If you notice that your attic is a touch too warm a soffit installation in Owen Sound is the best place to start to get the heat out. Even if the temperature is only slightly off, a soffit installation will be good for the roofing system, because we know that roofing problems start small and grow as they are benignly ignored

For over 60-years we at AM Roofing Solutions have been in the vanguard for an eavestrough replacement in Owen Sound, a fascia replacement in Owen Sound and a soffit replacement in Owen Sound to help homeowners protect their most important asset their family. If you see signs that your roofing system isn’t working as it should – water stains are the biggest identifiers – an eavestrough repair in Owens Sound will be just what you need to stop the water problems that have come up. It takes no time at all to get the roofing help you need when you make contact with us at AM Roofing Solutions. For free system evaluation and free estimate call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Owen Sound 

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