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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Oliphant

Biting off more than we can chew is a great failing for all human beings, how many times have we started a project only to find out halfway through that we really don’t know what we are doing, more times than most care to admit. When you have roofing problems, everything looks pretty straightforward but it isn’t. An eavestrough replacement in Oliphant, a fascia replacement in Oliphant and a soffit replacement in Oliphant should be left to a working trades team for administration. Leave all the heavy lifting of roof repair to us at AM Roofing Solutions to get the work done right and on the estimate to keep your home a thing of beauty.

How a roofing system works, and what hurts a roofing system


  • Getting water off the roof and to a place to drain away from the house is the job of the eavestrough with an able assist from the downspout network. As an open face operation, the eavestrough is vulnerable to material buildup in the channels that will hurt system’s ability to move water. If the clogs or blockage is small in nature an eavestrough repair in Oliphant cant help with the water flow and increases the volume of the flow when 100 per cent clear. If you haven’t noticed you are having problems on the roof at the eavestrough, the damage could extremely severe, and an eavestrough replacement will need to be done for the health of the roofing system. Once clogs and debris have sufficiently clogged the channels, it will raise the level of water in the channels to the point of overflowing. Taking care of your rain gutters should be paramount to home maintenance and a rain gutter repair in Oliphant is one way to keep water running to the ground. Debris and wet materials can puncture or pierce a rain gutter and if that is the problem a rain gutter replacement will help reinstate the integrity of the gutters to move water.


  • Your fascia is a strip of wood that closes up an opening between the eavestrough and the edge of the roof and it helps keep the roof dry. When the fascia is threatened by water that is overflowing from the rain gutters it will rot away as it is made of wood in older homes. In new homes the fascia is an aluminum-clad strip of wood – the sheath is to help prevent wood rot that is caused by water damage. Older homes need to be inspected regularly to catch fascia damage in the hopes that a fascia repair in Oliphant will remove the rotted out wood and prevent the rot from spreading. But, once you have the fascia off it will tell the story and most contractors will advise that a fascia installation in Oliphant should be done just in case there is rot that hasn’t been identified upon inspection. The fascia will take the hardest hit when water is overflowing from the gutters and it will be the first place the rot will start. Part of the problems that the fascia experience will start in other places and a lack of insulation in your attic is such place. In the winter, warm air from your home will travel to the upper regions of your house and it will settle in the attic. This is a bad situation to have if there is snow on the roof because the snow will melt and re-freeze when temperatures fall. Once water starts to freeze at the eavestrough it will become an ice dam and ice will wedge between the eavestrough and the fascia, ripping the eavestrough from the fascia.


  • Keeping a lid on warm in the attic is the vents and the soffit – the soffit moves fresh air and the vents receive the warm air that is pushed to the top of the attic for dispersal. The soffit must have clear airways for the air to move into the attic; otherwise, it is just a panel with holes in it that does nothing to protect the roofing system. Underneath the eavestrough is where we find the soffit and dirt and dust are what can stop fresh air from reach the attic. A soffit repair in Oliphant can increase the airflow if it lacking – you’ll know you need help if the attic temperature is warmer than the outdoor temperature. If it feels extremely warm in the attic, almost humid conditions, know that your soffit has failed and you need a soffit installation in Oliphant to get the problem dealt with. The warm, moist air that creates humid conditions can do severe damage to the support system for your home. Joists and rafters will absorb the water vapour and over time will sag or bow – you won’t know until it is too late when you see your roof sagging in the middle.

There are many roofing companies that nail shingles on a roof, but to engage in repair activities, you need a level of experience that we possess at AM Roofing Solutions. For more than 60-years, we have been riding to the rescue of homeowners when roofing problems threaten their homes. An eavestrough replacement Oliphant, a fascia replacement in Oliphant and a soffit replacement in Oliphant come with our 10-year warranty to cover our work on-site.

If you think you have a roofing problem, you probably do – so do the right thing and make contact with us at AM Roofing Solutions to stop the bleeding. For a no-cost meeting, a free estimate and free inspection call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.  

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Oliphant

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