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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Meaford

In North America, homes take a pounding from the weather, hail, snow, sleet heavy rains and windstorms are all features of weather system we experience in here. In Canada, as a northern country, we get hit that much harder and it takes a toll on our homes. No more so than the roofing system, it is the first point of contact for the weather and many things can go wrong with the systems that make up the overall roofing system. The weather patterns can cause an eavestrough repair Meaford, or a fascia repair Meaford or a soffit repair in Meaford due to the intensity of the storms we experience. When the time has come for corrective action for your roofing system, know that AM Roofing Solutions is standing on guard for your roofing system and we will take all the steps necessary to protect your home with our work.

The roofing system is a three-stage operation


  • In the main, the eavestrough is like the big brother of the roofing system; it is responsible for most of the heavy lifting – moving water – and needs to be kept in good condition to work. The buildup will have a negative impact on the eavestrough and stymie its ability to move water to the downspouts. Once the buildup of material stops the flow of water an eavestrough repair in Meaford will help get the water moving. If the debris has created holes or cracks an eavestrough installation in Meaford will be the only way to keep water from running down the side of your house. Your rain gutters serve an extremely useful purpose for your roofing system and a rain gutter repair in Meaford is never a bad idea and if the damage is beyond repair a rain gutter installation in Meaford is next step to securing your home.


  • Fascia will experience water damage when the gutters become clogged and push water over the channels and down the side of the house. The first impact point is the fascia; the fascia sits just below the gutters and takes the most abuse from the water. This situation makes a fascia repair in Meaford an opportunity to get roofing back in good shape and that is a good thing. Depending on the duration and pounding the fascia has taken, a repair may not do and a fascia installation in Meaford would be the next logical step to take to protect the roofing system. Another problem the fascia will face comes when the gutters are pushed away from the side of the house by ice dams of debris and water buildup. This is the worst of all possible results; a fascia installation will be the only thing that will remedy the problem, along with a new rain gutter system.


  • Your soffit is important to maintaining a median temperature in your attic and the air filter system helps maintain a level of dryness in your attic. When we heat our homes or have the sun beat down on our roofs, the attic gets hot. And hot air carries a great deal of moisture with and that is a threat. Warm, moist air will penetrate dry wood in your attic like the joist and rafters – when that happens it is a big problem for a roof. The roof will sag, twist or become rotten from dry rot or have mold growing inside your house. If it is a question of some of the holes in the soffit being plugged a soffit repair in Meaford will get the air moving and keep the attic dry and cool. If the soffit has more damage than you anticipated, a soffit installation in Meaford is a course of action you will enter into to save your roofing system form roofing from the inside out. As time goes by and you soffit starts to fail, you can repair it, but if you have any intention of staying in your house for a long period of time a soffit installation makes good sense with long-range planning for eventual expenses that will come up through homeownership.

With a roofing system, it is never if, it is when for an eavestrough replacement in Meaford or a fascia replacement in Meaford or a soffit replacement in Meaford call us at AM Roofing Solutions to provide the maintenance your home needs. All our work is guaranteed by a 10-year labour warranty and we stand behind that 100 per cent.

When residents in Meaford want to upgrade their roofing systems they know to contact us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a free estimate, a free roofing system inspection and a no-cost meeting call us at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Meaford

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